NASA publishes an incredible panorama of the lunar mission “Apollo”

NASA публикует невероятную лунную панораму миссии “Аполлон”

The space Agency posted a panorama, which showcases the magnificence of the desert moon in amazing high definition. Photos were taken 50 years ago during the moon landing.

Specialist in images NASA’s Warren Harold (Harold Warren), working in the Johnson Space Center, joined dozens of 70mm Hasselblad staff of the mission “Apollo” in digital format and has created a stunning panorama of the moon in the valley of Taurus-Littrow.

360-degree image of the landing site “Apollo-17” available at the space center. Johnson in Facebook. Experts have deliberately masked the lunar horizon and removed some of the glare of the sky with the panorama, to more accurately reflect the observations of those who stepped on the moon’s surface.

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