NASA returns to Earth muscular mice with ISS

NASA возвращает на Землю мускулистых мышей с МКС

The SpaceX Dragon capsule landed in the Pacific ocean, bringing to Earth of 3800 pounds of cargo from the International space station. Among other scientific material brought home a live mouse hardy sent into space for several experiments.

Experts NASA delivered to orbit 40 mice, some of them have been genetically altered – they have become very muscular. Now these “mighty mouse” can be the basis for the development of mechanisms for maintaining the health of astronauts in space.

Mouse arrived on the ISS on 8 December as part of an experiment designed to improve understanding by scientists of how microgravity affects the loss of bone and muscle. In addition, the astronauts checked the condition of the muscular supergroove, they also treated other mice with the normal muscle of an experimental drug that inhibits myostatin which allows you to stop the loss of muscle mass.

Now that “mighty mouse” and their companions returned to Earth, biologists are going to continue to experiment with them at home.

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