Natalka Karpa: “the music brought me dad”

Наталка Карпа: "В музыку меня привел папа"

Natalka Karpa — bright and gentle, talented and brave. She lights his hits and captured the hearts of millions. Each note is a new emotion, each song a new story. Natalia told us about his childhood, life, music, and more. All this — read on.

– We all have moments of childhood that are remembered most. What you remember from your childhood You, what’s the highlight?

– I grew up in a family where love reigned, the house was always warm atmosphere, so pleasant moments were many. I have very cool parents. I remember my dad came to kindergarten and took pictures of me with my friends, with a group. These first pictures were kept from me until now. Mom always loved and loves her daughter, always looking out for me. When I was 6 years old, my sister was born, I remember very well the moment when I was told about it. I was very happy when I learned that our family is expanding and I will have a little sister.

Наталка Карпа: "В музыку меня привел папа"

Natalka Karpa in childhood / Family archive

– Tell me about your parents. What makes them so special to You?

– My mom’s name is Lidia, and dad – Simon. Father, musician, multi-instrumentalist. He gave me a love of music. When I went to kindergarten, my mom decided it was time to put me in music school.

At first I really wanted to be a ballerina, I watched their performances. His desire told my mom, but the irony of fate was that when we arrived, set in a ballet school was closed. However, at the same time there was a teacher who wrote children to the Studio piano. The parents then said to me, “Natasha, maybe you’ll change your mind and go here,” and opened my piano, showed black and white keys and that I bribed, said the same at my house.

First, the teacher did not want me to record because I was only 5 years old, but mom convinced her that I was very studious, and the teacher gave me a trial period. And so it happened, I only had paid attention to play the piano. It was very fun because the feet have not yet hit the floor. Then we put a big stack of books to prop. Later my parents bought a piano which is still there at my parents ‘ house.

Little did I know what “A, B, C, G, D”, but I knew what the “do, re, mi, FA, Sol, La, si”. And it is thanks to dad.

– What was the relationship in childhood with their parents?

The relationship was very warm. Despite the fact that we lived very modestly, we have always been clean, tidy, warm and, most importantly, was the atmosphere of love.

Наталка Карпа: "В музыку меня привел папа"

Natalka Karpa family / Family archive

– Probably everyone in childhood was a favorite toy. Was she one of You?

– Of course. When I was on summer vacation brought to grandma and grandpa’s, I always ran in the house, they knew that they have a cushion in the shape of a sun, and shouted: “Grandma, where’s my sunshine?” I hugged him, I missed him. Another toy was a doll Khamir. My parents took a trip to Czechoslovakia, where I bought it. I was under the impression from their toy stores, because we then still did not. Mom promised that one doll I will buy, I will choose. I, of course, chose the largest. Mom then said we were on the road and we need something smaller, but I said that just want this doll. When we wrapped it up, she was almost as tall as I am. No it didn’t, she carried and together with the Pope we read that the box says “Khamir” is the name I told her and left. She always stood by me on the piano and was a doll-friend of my childhood.

– You have two higher education: medical and English Philology. Ever worked on specialties?

– As for medicine, the history is this: if a medical degree in six months, it seems, since its receipt is not applied by profession, he loses weight, so having finished University, I decided to do a little work. My friends had a clinic and I decided to try if I can do this, but realized that music is more important. The specialty of philologist I needed more for myself because English is very necessary and everyone knows it. To work in this specialty I do not plan. However, it was very interesting to learn it was a second degree. UCAS at the medical University in the afternoon, in the evening, I fled to study at Lviv Polytechnic. The teachers were fantastic and I was thrilled to hear their lectures.

– Why did you choose the profession of doctor?

– Opting the medicine helped me to do the mother said: “Natasha, dad is a musician and you see how complex it is his job unstable. You’re beautiful, smart girl, graduated high school with a gold medal. You need you a worthy profession.” Mom saw that I was a good student, chemistry and biology were my favorite subjects, I perfectly knew. Documents filed to medical school, did her own without anyone’s help. But I decided that without music and the first year went to jazz ensemble, which was in medical school. There was a vocalist and is performing to their potential.

– Husband helps in your career?

– I had a stereotype when you get married, entire career will hide, but I’ve blown it. I understand that in the person of Eugene found and the person who helps me in the work as you can: going through, goes to concerts, supports there, looking for examples of songs and shows some new items, advises sometimes about my image. If the other half really likes, it will not prevent anything.

In the beginning of our relationship I said, “If I don’t create, if I don’t have my music, I will be unhappy,” to which Jack replied, “I am the husband who will make you happy.”

Наталка Карпа: "В музыку меня привел папа"

Natalka Karpa with her husband / Photographer Lena Diakiw

– You have recently returned from Israel, where were the concerts. What are your impressions after this trip?

– I was invited to the fifth festival “Etnofoor” which is organized by the Ukrainian community living in Israel. I was first in this country was perfect. There was also a holiday, which coincided with the Day of Constitution of Ukraine, everything has been thought of to parts: the court area with Ukrainian dishes, Ukrainian producers were selling their goods at the fair and much more. Were also tours of the Holy land. We were in Jerusalem, prayed at the Western wall, aka wailing Wall. Experience just fantastic. And there is a cool sea, managed to swim and enjoy the local fruit.

– Like to travel? If Yes, where like spending time the most?

– Every trip is a new experience. Of course, there are countries that I love is Italy, Spain. My dream is to visit Australia, Japan, Iceland. Each trip motivates, inspires and, returning from some vacation, you need to plan from new.

Natalka Karpa – Gaudi: watch videos online

– Do charity work? If so, in what direction: help the children, to soldiers of the ATO, the elderly?

– Before I met Eugene I helped the children from orphanages. There were a few shares, we have attracted the press to talk about the problems of these children. We went to areas where children do not reach. When asked what they should bring, it was necessary banal things: socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.

When met with her, I plunged into the field of volunteerism, where he helped soldiers. Also, my husband has decided that a certain amount of money that we gave to the wedding, we will give the families of fallen soldiers in Bukovel. In the East of Ukraine we took them to the West in order to help with the rehabilitation and that they were able to see the Carpathian mountains.

Now support my husband, who works in this field, I try to be helpful and to help.

Наталка Карпа: "В музыку меня привел папа"

Natalka Karpa on the scene / Photographer: Eugene Kravs

– What it means for You to be a recognizable person?

– Fame clearly not in a hurry, but I understand that recognition may be useful to help other people to be able to solve some questions.

– Who is Your biggest critic and the biggest admirer?

– Entourage. People who know me absolutely, not only as a singer but also as a person. I have a principle in life: “to Love all, not to do evil to anyone and trust elected.” Chosen in my life not many, I sincerely believe. If they criticize, do it for the right things. If praised, then this praise is as sweet as honey, because really real.

– What advice about the creative activities was the most meaningful? And what advice was most important in life?

– As for creativity, I will never forget his teacher, which, unfortunately, no longer with us. I was lucky enough to get into the circle of her students and I will never forget what she said:

Natasha, borders, beautiful no. If you say, “I achieved everything, know everything and can do everything”, it’s just the abyss. You can constantly improve, to become better and not to stop. If you are stopped, it is very bad, you should be constantly growing.

And the always give family. In my Instagram I have identified the history of the “Tips from grandma Leusi”, which in his notebook he wrote me a few tips that are very valuable. Not to forget, I watch them because they help identify the reference point in life.

Наталка Карпа: "В музыку меня привел папа"

Natalka Karpa photo shoot / Photographer: Natalya Behaves

– Which day of Your life and feel the happiest?

Every time when I Wake up, make coffee, then realize that I’m a happy man. I see and hear, I have the ability to move, think, create, close relatives, close people, with whom I have had the opportunity to chat. Here it is happiness.

Everything depends on each of us. If we think positively, you will happy. Life is not constantly the holidays, but we highly customizable, so be it. I think it is a rule of boomerang, and, as we say in Ukraine, “as you sow, so shall you reap”. I try to sow goodness and love.

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