National Lottery: Check results of Thursday, July 15, 2021

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National Lottery: Check results of Thursday, July 15, 2021

National Lottery: Check results of Thursday, July 15, 2021

The first prize has been for the number 60361 and the second prize for the 96293. Refunds are for the tenths finished in 1, 9 and 8. Check here if your tenth of the draw today Thursday July 15, 2021 has a prize

Thursday, July 15, 2021 the
National lottery that has distributed a first prize endowed with 300,000 euros to the series and 30,000 euros in each of the tenths that have the number
60361. East
first prize It has been sold in Asturias and Toledo. A
second prize of 60,000 euros to the series and 6,000 euros per tenth with the
96293as the winning number. This second prize has been sold in Alicante, Cádiz and Cantabria.

From this moment, you can check if you have been awarded in the draw of the
National lottery entering the number played in the following search engine. You can check the results and see the prizes of your tenth:

In addition, the
refunds 1, 9 and 8 that are rewarded with the return that is equivalent to the 3 euros that the tenth costs. A figure that amounts to 30 euros if you have the complete series.



First prize

Second prize




€ 30,000

€ 6,006

Two-, three- and four-digit withdrawals

The draw also has nine two-digit withdrawals awarded 6 euros per tenth (
60 euros to the series), ten three-digit withdrawals awarded 15 euros to the tenth (
150 euros to the series) and four four-digit withdrawals that are awarded 75 euros per tenth (
750 euros to the series). You can check here all the numbers that have been awarded in this draw: