Navalny is facing a military court on a new charge of terrorism

>> Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny on a television screen in a photo taken from courtroom video at a Moscow court, April 26, 2023.

Moscow – Imprisoned Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny testified in court today , that the authorities are also prosecuting him for terrorism and that, according to the investigator, he will face a military court. Today, a Moscow court is considering a request by investigators to limit the time during which Navalny and his defense can familiarize themselves with the investigative file in the case of his accusation of extremism.

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 Navalny is threatened with a military trial because of a new terrorism charge

 Navalny is threatened with a military trial due to a new terrorism charge

Navalé faces military trial for new terrorism charge

Navalé is threatened with a military trial due to a new terrorism charge

“The investigator informed me that he opened a new case against me (according to the section) on terrorism and that I will be tried by a military court,” Navalny said in the courtroom, according to a TASS reporter. The court proceedings are being held behind closed doors at the request of the investigator, the agency added.

Navalny was imprisoned in January 2021 immediately after returning from Germany, where he was treated for poisoning with the Novichok warfare agent. Opponents of the regime accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of poisoning him on his orders. The Kremlin rejects the allegations and denies that any poisoning took place. Due to treatment in Berlin, Navalny did not meet the terms of a previous suspended sentence and was imprisoned. He was convicted last year of alleged fraud during the collection of money for his election campaign, despite knowing that the authorities would not allow him to vote. Navalny considers the trials to be political, conducted at the behest of the Kremlin, which is trying to silence him.

Navalny's organization, the Anti-Corruption Fund, was banned by the authorities as extremist. The investigator testified in court today that in connection with the prosecution of Navalny for extremism, the authorities announced an international search for 11 opposition collaborators.