Netflix, “Biohacker 2”: release date, plot and cast

Netflix, “Biohacker 2”: release date, plot and cast

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Netflix, “Biohacker 2”: release date, plot and cast

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Biohacker is Christian Ditter’s sci-fi thriller from Netflix. The second season is available from July 9, 2021 on the streaming platform and follows the story of Mia after the kidnapping. Suffering from amnesia that spans the past three months, will she be able to remember what happened to her? Let’s find out along with the plot of the new season and the cast.

From the July 9, 2021 is available on Netflix the second season of Biohacker, the German TV series about biohacking, a type of technology which allows you to change the chemistry and physiology of the human body through science and self-experimentation.

The web series belongs to the genre thriller e science fiction and was born from an idea of Christian Ditter. The first season aired on Netflix in August 2020.

Biohacker: the plot of the second season

Netflix, “Biohacker 2”: release date, plot and cast

Biohacker follows the events of My, a medical student at theUUniversity of Freiburg im Breisgau who discovers the use of biohacking techniques extremely advanced. However, the girl will end up getting involved in the reality of the illegal genetic testing.

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In the first season Mia conducts several illegal DNA experiments and eventually finds herself a have no more memory of the last three months, following his kidnapping. From this point the second season of the TV series will begin, during which the girl will try to find out what happened to her.

Hereinafter i titles of the six episodes of the new season:

  • Episode 1: Waking up
  • Episode 2: Enemies
  • Episode 3: Allies
  • Episode 4: Forget
  • Episode 5: Finding
  • Episode 6: Remember

Actors and characters

Netflix, “Biohacker 2”: release date, plot and cast

The protagonist Emma Engels, known under the pseudonym of Mia Akerlund, is interpreted by Luna Wedler, while Jessica Schwarz plays the teacher Tanja Lorenz. The rest of the cast consists of:

  • Thomas Prenn in the role of Niklas;
  • Adrian Julius Tillmann in the role of Jasper;
  • Jing Ziang in the role of Chen-Lu;
  • Dear Cult in the role of Fight;
  • Sebastian Jakob Dopperlbauer in the role of Ole;
  • Edith Saldanha in the role of Monique;
  • Zeynep Bozbay in the role of Petra Eller;
  • Benno Fürmann in the role of Andreas Winter.

Netflix, “Biohacker 2”: release date, plot and cast