Netflix, “His Kingdom”: release date, plot and cast

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Netflix, “His Kingdom”: release date, plot and cast

From August 13, 2021, the new thriller TV series Il His Sign (El Reino), an Argentine production born from the minds of Marcelo Piñeyro and Claudia Piñeiro, will be available on Netflix. Let’s find out the plot and the cast together.

His Sign (El Reino) is the new original Argentine TV series Netflix belonging to the thriller genre. The TV series tells the story of a Shepherd who decides to run for the vice presidency of the country, following thehomocide of the previous candidate.

The 8 episodes that make up the TV series will be available on the streaming platform from August 13, 2021.

The thriller TV series is an Argentine production, created by the director Marcelo Piñeyro and the writer Claudia Piñeiro.

His Kingdom: the plot

Netflix, “His Kingdom”: release date, plot and cast

Emilio Vázquez Pena is a evangelical pastor who has always dedicated his life to the faith and to his religious congregation. He is nominated by the main candidate and favored in the Argentine presidential election as his future vice president.

At a certain point the elections are overwhelmed by a tragic and unexpected event: themurder of the main candidate. This will lead Emilio to replace him in the race for the office of president.

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The pastor will try to find out who the killer is and the motives for that murder as he prepares to become leader of his country.