Netflix is ​​introducing an out-of-home sharing fee in some countries

Netflix will introduce an out-of-home subscription fee in some countries ;virtue

Streaming service Netflix – illustration photo.

San Francisco – Streaming service Netlix announced today that users in some countries will have to pay a new fee to share access to the service with people outside their household. According to AFP, it affects users in the United States and about 100 other countries. The fee for sharing will vary in different states, in the US people will have to pay eight dollars a month (176 crowns).

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In Portugal, where, according to AFP, Netflix has already introduced the new measure, sharing login data will cost four euros (95 crowns). Users in Canada, for example, have also had to pay for sharing access data to the service with people outside the household for a year.

“Over 100 million households share an account, which affects our ability to invest in major films and series,” the company said in statement.

“Your Netflix account is for you and the people who live with you, i.e. your household,” users read in an email the service is sending to relevant subscribers, according to AFP. “You can easily watch Netflix on the go, either on your personal devices or on a TV screen in a hotel or other accommodation,” added the service.

Netflix, which has over 232 million subscribers, introduced late last year even a cheaper subscription with ads. However, this cheaper version is not yet available in the Czech Republic.