Netherlands 2021: the other podium |

Netherlands 2021: the other podium |

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Netherlands 2021: the other podium |

To tell a Grand Prix you can use analysis and rankings, numbers and words. Images that converge in the most beautiful one: the podium celebrations, where the riders become children again and are covered in champagne. Reminding us that this, in the end, is a sport, and as such it should be interpreted: seriously, but having fun. A new format starts from the podium and from this spirit, where the three promoted and three rejected of the various F1 Grand Prix will be chosen: this is Holland’s turn.

F1 | Dutch GP 2021, the podium of the promoted

1. Max Verstappen
2. Pierre Gasly3. Antonio GioFantozzi

1. Max Verstappen. Oh well but something wrong. Even just to give us satisfaction in this wretched life, an illusion of belonging to the same category as you. I don’t know, he spins a verb, stumbles on the paddock, steals a scratch card worth half a million euros and runs away with the swag. With this RoboCop air you get on your nerves! One tries to avoid banality and not judge it as the best of the weekend, but you too give me a hand.

2. Pierre Gasly. Speaking of Max, here’s someone who ended up in his meat grinder and luckily is putting the pieces back together. Gasly was not scarce, nor is Perez. But even a two-meter Marcantonio looks like Orietta Berti when placed alongside Shaquille O’Neal. The problem is not Gasly, it was not Albon, it is not Perez, but the Dutch dominus racing with the # 33 and a tailor-made car. Whoever says that in Red Bull they were wrong to confirm Perez and not promote Gasly is probably wrong, the Frenchman would be eaten again. Indeed, it is better for him that he is in an AlphaTauri who still knows his stuff. Then, of course, it cannot be solely due to the car, otherwise Tsunoda – although young – would be higher. He is a mature Gasly, solid to the point of canceling Leclerc, one who does not have many problems if there is the slightest overtaking opportunity. Bravo, maybe you are starting to think about breaking away from Red Bull.

3. Antonio GioFantozzi. Well, gentlemen, chapeau. Forty-six years after the first film, the screenplay by Luciano Salce and Paolo Villaggio finds the most harmonious rearrangement in Antonio Maria Giovinazzi from Martina Franca, which in retrospect would have been a perfect name for an executive of the Fantozzian Megaditta. He qualifies seventh, it is the best overall performance of his career, he starts well but is blocked by Sainz. He is in the points, he makes the pit stop, after six laps the usual puncture. All while Vasseur is thinking of replacing him with Albon or de Vries for 2022. Maybe someone in the pits should be changed first.

F1 | Dutch GP 2021, the podium of those who failed

1. Sergio Perez
2. Mattia Binotto3. Mercedes and derivatives

3. Mercedes and derivatives. Yes, I’m against an alien. But they fight two on one, and they lose. Bottas makes Bottas when he shouldn’t (leaving Verstappen free) and Hamilton when he has to remain himself, taking away his teammate’s fastest lap for a moment. Lewis completes a Bartezzaghi during the first stop and in the second he is sent back to the Salerno-Reggio Calabria, in the belief of doing a undercut intelligent. Of course, they are partly errors caused by the pressure of the result. But it is a black Sunday for every Mercedes motorized: the green Aston Martin is swallowed by the orange of Zandvoort and also the McLaren – which in theorange it should be in his cup of tea – he has to hold on to Norris’ dot. Williams makes a better impression on us, who at least played Q3 to the end on Saturday.

2. Mattia Binotto. Until 16.45 on Sunday the second place was for Sainz, on the wall on Saturday morning and abulico in the race. Then the Ferrari team principal (not Brigidino Scuderie) puts it this way: “I read the race in a positive way. This track presented a big pitfall for us, the durability of the tires […] Overall we are happy. We also told the drivers: we take no risks and try to bring home the points necessary for the constructors’ classification. Charles drove very well. At one point we tried to push Gasly to the pit stop, pretending to stop. The team worked well, with the car’s limitations today. Sainz? Sometimes it takes little to generate more wear […] I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, he had a solid race“. Order of arrival: Ferrari fifth and seventh, lapped cars.

1. Sergio Perez. As soon as Red Bull notifies him of the renewal, he goes to the wall in the formation lap of Spa and only the universal deluge saves him (partially) from a fool. At Zandvoort he comes out in Q1: and the traffic is fine, the track is fine, which has improved, but he drives a Red Bull, he cannot go out with Schumacher and Mazepin, that is the chicks of Formula 1 (similar speech for Vettel, of course). In the race he squashes a tire and condemns himself to one more stop. The comeback on Sunday is the daughter of the disasters of the weekend. Driver of the dai let’s not joke.