Network amused funny lynx who wanted to retire to love

Сеть развеселили забавные рыси, которые хотели уединиться для любви

Life according to the rules of nature in all animals in the blood. It is only a person can transfer their plans or change their way of life. And since now the end of winter and nature will soon Wake up from “hibernation”, now a most animals and birds are preparing for a responsible period of their lives – reproduction. And lynx is no exception.

So, Tom Graham, make a trip to the nature reserve Kananaskis Country (Alberta, Canada) stumbled upon two mating raptors, who were not eager to see him. In the end, the animals had to find another hiding place for their lovemaking.

According to Tom Graham for the first time in 18 years, met two wild cats who obeying animal instincts, looking for a quiet place during the mating season.
Do bobcats live alone. However, individual area of a male includes parts of two or even three females.

A pair of animals is more commonly seen during mating when meeting lovers lynx smelling each other, then stand in front and begin to butt heads. But friendship in lynx expressed in the mutual licking of the coat.

Note that lynx is a typical cat, although the size of a large dog, which is somewhat similar to its shortened body and dlinnohvostym. Other feline animals have a short tail and tassels on the ends of the ears and their body weight can reach 30 kg.

Over the past decades, the number of lynx in all the continents has decreased dramatically, and in many parts of Europe they even are on the verge of extinction. So, in Ukraine, the lynx is listed in the Red Book with the status of “rare species”.

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