Network laugh, the dog who couldn’t find hiding behind a door hostess

Сеть насмешил пес, который не мог найти спрятавшуюся за дверью хозяйку

A dog named Niko showed his complete inability to play hide-and-seek.

The mistress hid from the dog, what really puzzled him

When the hostess hid in the room behind the door and began calling your pet by name, that, naturally, began to search for the mysteriously disappeared girl. Amazingly, running through all the rooms, Nico never thought, not if he should look behind the door. And this despite the fact that at some point in the game he’s standing in a few inches of his hidden mistress, reports

It is hoped that the dog will still be able to find its owner or she herself will get tired of hiding and come out from behind the door.

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