New Kia Sorento 4 officially declassified by the company KIA

Новый Kia Sorento 4 официально рассекречивается компанией КИА

Carmaker KIA has introduced the new official images of the new Kia Sorento fourth generation. Public presentation of novelties will take place on 17 February, today details about the car yet. Some features of the interior equipment and the exterior of cars presented previously, under assumptions of experts of the automotive industry.

On sources that are now available it is possible to draw preliminary conclusions about the stern Kia Sorento. Apparently at the rear of the car the Parking lights will be placed vertically, is also a prominent roof spoiler and the name of the car is under capacity for the number plate.

The interior is decorated in a fancy style, it has modern devices of high technology, premium finish and great ergonomics. The Central place is modern dashboard which features a multimedia complex with a widescreen touch monitor and control unit climate control unit. Also pays attention to the tunnel with the wireless panel for charging gadgets with the levers of CAT.

Новый Kia Sorento 4 официально рассекречивается компанией КИА

Новый Kia Sorento 4 официально рассекречивается компанией КИА

About the technical equipment of the information yet, there are only assumptions that inform on atmospheric internal combustion engine volume of 2.5 liters, and also in the presence of two boosted motor unit of volume 2 and 2.2 liters. Car Kia Sorento 4 generation will be presented with rechargeable hybrid drive system.

17 February of the current year will host the world presentation of the new Kia Sorento and about the same time in South Korea, the official start of acceptance of orders for the car.

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