New MOT updates for historic vehicles will apply from September

New MOT updates for historic vehicles will apply from September

News in MOT for historical vehicles will apply from September

Illustrative photo – On April 24, 2022, more than a hundred owners of vintage cars and motorcycles came to Přerov. They opened their season this year with a joint sleepy ride to Helfštýn Castle.

Prague – As of September 1 this year, operators of vintage cars will be required to pass a technical inspection with a historic vehicle, until now it was sufficient to check the vehicle's historical originality. It will also be possible to register a vehicle elsewhere than at the place of residence, namely at municipal offices with extended powers in all regional towns. In the Central Bohemia region it will be in Kolín, in Prague the register is managed by the municipality. The validity of the technical inspection will also be extended from two to five years. This was stated by the Ministry of Transport in a press release.

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In order for the operator of a historic car to pass the technical inspection, he must appear at any auto club test committee that will verify the historical authenticity of the vehicle. Then, if the commission recognizes the originality of the vehicle, the operator will appear for a technical inspection. It will take into account the age of the car.

Therefore, three categories of vintage cars were created – modern historical vehicles (from July 1, 1972), post-war vehicles (from July 1, 1953 to June 30, 1972) and pre-war and wartime vehicles (until June 30, 1953). After the technical inspection has been completed, the operator can have the historic vehicle registered in the register of historic and sports vehicles.

In the Czech Republic last year, according to the chairman of the Club of Historical Vehicles Prague, Bedřich Dandy, around 25,000 historic vehicles were registered and another 10,000 veterans were unregistered. was located in barns or garages of the owners. According to the Association of Automobile Importers, there were over 6.4 million registered passenger cars in the Czech Republic last year.

Last year's major amendment to the Act on the Conditions of Vehicle Operation on Roads provides for new conditions. The first part of the law, which mainly concerns registration checks and vehicle transcriptions, entered into force on March 1. The next part, where MOTs for historic vehicles are included, will then come into effect on September 1. From January 1 next year, the obligation to have a large technical license is planned to be abolished. So instead of two licenses, drivers will now only need a small technical license, which will be supplemented with some information.