New stop Ecobonus, auto incentive funds terminated in 3 days

New stop Ecobonus, auto incentive funds terminated in 3 days

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New stop Ecobonus, auto incentive funds terminated in 3 days

When the car incentives? A recurring question in recent months that first saw the incentives to purchase new, more environmentally friendly cars run out and then become available again. In fact, September was the month in which these were out of stock: after having been refinanced they lasted very little. In fact, they are now definitively finished, in just 3 days. In fact, they are no longer there bonus state for the purchase of electric cars And plug-in hybrids. In fact, the bottom of the extrsabonus unlocked a few weeks ago. I about 57 million available for the two bands 0-20 g / km And 21-60 g / km they sold out on the evening of Thursday 16 September.

New eco-bonus stop

Now those who want to buy an electric or plug-in hybrid car at a discounted price will have to wait for the 2022, when they are likely to be allocated new funds with the Budget Law 2022.

Funds terminated electric and plug-in hybrid car incentives

The fund for incentives for electric and plug-in hybrid cars, in the CO2 ranges 0-20 g / km and 21-60 g / km And sold out in just three days. From the reopening of reservations on Tuesday 14 September, the 57 million extra-bonus was literally pulverized.

“Ecobonus” site of the Mise where incentives for cars, scooters and bicycles are managed (Residual funds updated as of 09/16/2021)

In the dealers many orders placed in the period in the absence of bonuses were loaded in these three days on the platform Ministry of Economic Development. It probably also affected the elimination of the maximum of 180 days for registrations, which led to booking even more resources that risked not being used due to delivery delays due to semiconductor crisis.

The car incentives for less polluting cars are not over

If the fund for electric and hybrid cars is definitively exhausted, there are car incentives (100 million) for Italian motorists.purchase of thermal vehicles, of the CO2 range included between 61 and 135 g / km.

New stop Ecobonus, auto incentive funds terminated in 3 days

There are still incentives for the 61-135 g / km CO2 range

The last remaining bonuses are used to finance the purchase of hybrid cars (full hybrid and mild-hybrid), petrol and diesel, scrapping an old car.

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