Next survey setback for Baerbock and Laschet – Why Scholz scores seems increasingly clear

Next survey setback for Baerbock and Laschet – Why Scholz scores seems increasingly clear

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Next survey setback for Baerbock and Laschet – Why Scholz scores seems increasingly clear

Updated: 09/03/202122:11

The Germans continue to prefer Olaf Scholz as the new Federal Chancellor. This emerges from the new ARD Germany trend. The competition is far behind.

Berlin – The SPD top candidate Olaf Scholz is still preferred by many voters for the Chancellery: As two weeks ago (DeutschlandTrend für das ARD Morning Magazine) would vote in a direct election four out of ten (43 percent; +2) for him, unchanged 16 percent (+/- 0) for Armin Laschet, 12 percent (+/- 0) for Annalena Baerbock. Three out of ten Germans (29 percent; -2) can or still do not want to choose any of the three politicians. That has a representative survey by infratest dimap for the ARD-Germany trend from Monday to Wednesday of this week.

If the general election were next Sunday, it would come to 25 percent, the Union to 20 percent and the Greens to 16 percent. The FDP would be 13 percent, the AfD 12 percent. The left would get 6 percent.

Of the three people who apply for the Chancellery, Scholz enjoys by far the greatest support among their own supporters. 87 percent of SPD supporters favor their own candidate in the Chancellery. Among the Green supporters, six out of ten (61 percent) would vote for Annalena Baerbock and in the ranks of the Union parties almost half (47 percent) would vote for Armin Laschet.

Survey: Germans consider Scholz to be the most likable and credible

In a direct comparison, Germans currently rate Scholz as the most likable (42 percent; +24 compared to May 2021) and the most credible (43 percent; +21). Immediately after her candidacy for chancellor was announced in May, Annalena Baerbock had convinced most of the respondents on both points. Scholz is currently assigned leadership strength even more than in the spring (53 percent; +22). In addition, with 55 percent, the Federal Minister of Finance is considered to be the most competent of the three applicants for the Chancellery.

Video: Olaf Scholz, Armin Laschet, Annalena Baerbock – three battle for the Chancellery

The popularity of the SPD candidate for chancellor directly benefits his party. A quarter of the SPD supporters (26 percent) indicate that the candidate is predominantly decisive for their current party preference. Another 48 percent justify their SPD preference with a combination of the person of the top candidate and convincing positions of the party. The candidates from the other parties have not yet developed this traction. Their supporters see the main reason for their vote in the content of their party. (dpa / fmü)