NGO: True damages of ‘Grace’ are just beginning to be dimensioned

NGO: True damages of ‘Grace’ are just beginning to be dimensioned

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NGO: True damages of ‘Grace’ are just beginning to be dimensioned

The humanitarian organizations ADRA, Cadena AC, Oxfam México and Save the Children warned that the true damage of Hurricane Grace that impacted Hidalgo, Puebla and Veracruz generating serious human and material damage in 149 municipalities and 3 thousand 773 localities, they are just beginning to be dimensioned.

The three organizations carried out observation missions where they found that, one month after the impact, toThere are still many houses with total or partial damage to the roofs, without access to safe water, electricity and total crop losses, which are a primary source of income for families.

Similarly, there are localities that have not been able to be registered because they are isolated and without access to electricity.

In response, they reported that They will deploy a humanitarian program that will benefit more than 19 thousand people in the towns of Jopala, Cuetzalan, Cuautempan and Carrizal in Pueblto; Coatzintla, Cazones de Herrera, Tehuitlán, Poza Rica, Papantla, Agua Dulce and Jalapa in Veracruz and Tula in Hidalgo.

The intervention strategy consists of providing access to safe water through the delivery of filters, purifying tablets and storage tanks. Similarly, food security is supported through the provision of pantries and recovery of home gardens for self-consumption and materials are provided for the reconstruction of roofs and rustic palapas.

Added to this, hygiene and cleaning kits are delivered for the prevention of covid-19, as well as psychosocial support to contribute to the emotional recovery of families.

Abril Páez, Chain Operations Director, said that “it is imperative that we find a way to alleviate the suffering of people who are at such a difficult time, and more if this same disaster is replicated days apart in other parts of the countrys.

Looking for solutions in the short, medium and long term is joint work, however, we must do everything within our ability to find a solution; since these phenomena are becoming more and more, with less time of difference and more devastating. “

Despite the efforts of the State, To date, the organizations emphasize that they have detected challenges in coordination and in gathering information from the affected localities.Therefore, they call to collaborate together to have greater supplies that allow to meet primary needs, avoid displacement and support the recovery with justice, particularly of the most vulnerable sectors.

The consequences for communities, they concluded, can be devastating, not only in their food security, but also in damage to their health and in the significant loss of income in the short term., medium and long term.

“We have seen that girls and boys are very distressed because they lost their homes and all their belongings, to this day it continues to rain and both they and their families have nowhere to shelter.

“For decades disasters have disproportionately affected the poorest families, forcing them to make decisions that are detrimental to children’s lives, such as dropping out of school and working to meet family needs. ECLAC has estimated that in Latin America the risk of child labor increased by 7% in areas affected by hurricanes; this scheme could be replicated in our region, ”said Jorge Vidal, Save the Children’s programs director in Mexico.

They added that the crisis caused by covid-19 influences the increase in vulnerabilities experienced by families and communities. Their capacity to respond to a disaster has diminished and they do not have enough tools to deal with the emergency derived from the hurricane.

This scenario will be replicated with the following phenomena if no action is taken now, “we need to work together on actions that focus not only on immediate needs, but also consider comprehensive recovery so that communities are ready to deal with the following phenomena”Said Griselda Franco, Oxfam Mexico’s manager of climate justice and humanitarian action.

Faced with this scenario, Cadena AC, Oxfam México and Save the Children called on federal, state and municipal authorities to redouble their efforts and join forces with civil and philanthropic organizations and the citizens themselves, to have resources and supplies to prevent and attend disasters for the communities affected by the hurricane. Grace and facing upcoming devastations.