Nintendo Switch Pro: announced the “OLED model”

Nintendo Switch Pro: announced the “OLED model”

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Nintendo Switch Pro: announced the “OLED model”

The announcement that everyone has been waiting for for months has finally been revealed: the so-called Nintendo Switch Pro turns out to be Nintendo Switch OLED model, a new console with new features, like one OLED screen (in fact) from 7 inch, a new body with a larger adjustable stand, improved audio and a new one white, rounded corner dock with LAN port. It is still unclear whether connecting to the TV will bring games to Ultra HD 4K resolution. While waiting for all the technical details, let’s enjoy the presentation trailer.

Release date set for the next one October 8.


This new Nintendo Switch model also includes a wider adjustable stand, a base with LAN port and 64GB of internal memory

July 6, 2021 – The family Nintendo Switch is about to expand again. With Nintendo Switch (OLED model), available from 8 October, players will have an additional option to enjoy the vast catalog of titles for the Nintendo Switch.

Video Nintendo Switch (OLED model) – Presentation trailer shows the first images of the new console.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is similar in size to Nintendo Switch, but includes a 7-inch OLED screen with rich colors and high contrast. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) also features a wider adjustable stand, for tabletop mode, a new base with LAN port for stable online gaming sessions, 64GB of internal memory and integrated speakers with improved audio for portable modes and table. Just like Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) allows users to play on TV and share Joy-Con controllers to create fun multiplayer sessions.

Also, like Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) offers great versatility, allowing you to play at home and away. At the launch of the console will also be available a set that includes a case for the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) and a protective film for the console screen.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will debut on October 8, to coincide with Metroid Dread, the continuation of Metroid Fusion. Thanks to the new console’s OLED screen, fans of Samus Aran’s adventures, which began with Metroid for NES, they will be able to enjoy an even more immersive experience.