No one will discourage Draghi about justice.  “At most 15 against in the M5S”

No one will discourage Draghi about justice. “At most 15 against in the M5S”

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No one will discourage Draghi about justice.  “At most 15 against in the M5S”

Justice reform probably won’t put the government at risk. Of course, in the ranks of the 5 Star Movement widespread discontent emerges but also the awareness that you cannot pull the rope too much especially when you are faced with a character like Mario Draghi which now travels steadily around 70 percent popularity in the polls.

Even the Minister of Youth Policies, Fabiana Dadone, has adjusted the shot with respect to the statements of fire in which he explicitly spoke of the resignation of the M5s ministers from the government if the square in the majority was not found. However, it is difficult to imagine that an iron contiana and minister of the government uttered those harsh words without first having consulted with the former prime minister Giuseppe Conte.

The real political point, however, is that the authorization a place confidence in reform, requested and obtained by Prime Minister Draghi at the Council of Ministers, overturned the negotiating table, putting the Five Stars in difficulty. In many cases, they continue to say that they are against the new statute of limitations, but there are very few who would come to really discourage the government: “10 or 15 at most compared to 30 yesterday”Explains an M5s source today. But this time for Palazzo Chigi the reform “must be done”, whatever the cost.

And there is a reason in particular: “It is international high finance that is pressing to reform the judiciary in Italy, in order to be able to start investing significant amounts in the beautiful country ”explains a source that is usually very well informed from the deep state circles. In short, this time even the magistrates will have to surrender.

And the memory inevitably goes to the birth of the Draghi government: when Conte was shown the door, collapsed due to its own tactical-strategic errors but also due to the lack of trust it now received at the international level, Italy, in agreement with its European partners and the United States (Biden had just taken office), has given way to a phase totally new political and institutional and to manage it was called Mario Draghi.

The parties, which in recent years have done everything they could have done wrong due to mostly self-referential and inadequate ruling classes (how can we forget the feats of the “Papeete” and the desperate and useless hunt for those responsible) have been “kindly” put at the door to allow the former ECB president to relaunch the country from an economic point of view and social as well as geopolitical.

To do this, however, a lot of money will be needed (coming not only from Europe but also from overseas), money that will arrive only if reform the judiciary. No large foreign investor is willing to invest millions of dollars and then find themselves entangled in legal matters that at best last for years.

Putting the country back in the wake of the Euro-Atlantic tradition after the pro-Russian and pro-Chinese skids was one of the first requests that rained down on the desk of Palazzo Chigi while the other, that of reforming justice, came immediately after. That’s why Mario Draghi it absolutely does not intend to give up the Cartabia reform enough to affix the vote of confidence without any hesitation.