No preliminary damage due to earthquake in Hidalgo

No preliminary damage due to earthquake in Hidalgo

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No preliminary damage due to earthquake in Hidalgo

Alejandro Reyes

Pachuca, Hidalgo. / 07.09.2021 22:33:23

Inhabitants of Pachuca and the Metropolitan area reported the earthquake that was felt on Monday night in the state capital, but without affectations.

For its part, the governor of the state, Omar Fayad Meneses, reported that after the earthquake registered in the metropolitan area of ​​the capital of Hidalgo the corresponding civil protection protocols were activated.

According to the state agent, at the moment no damages are reported.

While The Secretary of Public Security of Hidalgo (SSPH) reported that in C5i Hidalgo, Through the emergency telephone number 911 de Emergencias, it is attentive to the reception of reports in the event of the earthquake that was perceived tonight in different regions of the state.

The state agency called on the population to remain calm and pointed out that the institutions are awaiting their call.

In Pachuca, municipal president Sergio Baños, reported that no damage has been reported in the capital, however, an operation is carried out with the police to visit risk areas such as high-rise neighborhoods and vulnerable neighborhoods.