Norris cheats on Max: “I was cheering for Russell in the ambulance” |

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Norris cheats on Max: “I was cheering for Russell in the ambulance” |

An F1 season so full of emotions will be difficult to relive: the Circus is back as protagonist in Spa in Belgium after the long summer break and thanks to the weather the qualifying session was nothing short of memorable. Fortunately, a drama will not be included in the scrapbook, that of Lando Norris, which remains confined to the sport as the English driver has even received the ok from the doctors to race today. The McLaren driver, in fact, at the beginning of Q3 launched with the full wets under the storm in search of what could have been a pole position, the first in his career in F1, in a magical circuit to top it off. The Englishman had been very fast in both Q1 and Q2 and did not want to miss the great opportunity to get the first start at the post.

In Eau Rouge, however, Norris lost control of his MCL35, precisely losing the rear in the transition from left to right along the most famous hill in the world for motorsport. The impact with the barriers was ruinous, but via radio Norris immediately reassured the McLaren wall, also apologizing for having ‘trashed’ a great opportunity. The class of 1999 was transported to the medical center for i ritual checks where elbow plates were also made to rule out any fractures.

During the journey, Lando Norris did not want to miss the end of a memorable session. I was cheering for George in the ambulance, I’m really happy for him, I hoped he would get pole position “. Who knows how Max Verstappen will take it, a great friend and point of reference for Lando Norris, who has never made any secret of considering the Dutchman a great one. The same goes for Russell, with Norris reenacting the days of go-karting in Britain in the past, where Russell was the undisputed king. Yesterday between his two idol-colleagues Norris had to make a choice that fell on George Russell, today at the start in the front row alongside Max Verstappen and ahead of Lewis Hamilton.