Norris replies: “At Spa I didn’t take the wrong approach” |

Norris replies: “At Spa I didn’t take the wrong approach” |

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Norris replies: “At Spa I didn’t take the wrong approach” |

Lando Norris and McLaren are ready to defend the third place in their respective drivers and constructors standings in the Netherlands, but in the minds of the fans the memory of the accident that occurred to the Englishman during the Spa-Francorchamps qualifications. During Q3, the British lost control of theEau-Rouge in bad weather conditions, impacting violently against the barriers and fortunately coming out unscathed.

The crash, however, did not deeply mark the McLaren driver’s approach to the track, so much so that he felt fully aware of the progress made over the course of his career: “I’m in my third year in F1 and I feel more experienced – commented Norris a racefans.netbut above all I feel a greater confidence this year than the other two. I feel totally comfortable and mentally in the right place in this sport “.

Regarding theaccident in Belgium, the number 3 of McLaren analyzed what happened just before leaving the track, believing he did not do anything wrong: “Now I know for a fact that I was pushing and taking risks – the British specified – but the impact happened for a ‘good reason’. Today I arrive at this weekend with the knowledge that, if it had been last year or two years ago, I would have presented myself more worried and less willing to run into danger. In any case, I don’t think I was wrong the approach to that qualification: I’m happy with what I’ve done and I’m ready to take the same risks this weekend ”.

Finally, the Englishman has reserved a final chapter to the driving skills of a driver on the wet track, where courage and confidence in one’s own means can make the difference on the competition: “With the rain – analyzed – there are drivers who are able to demonstrate their potential compared to what the car can guarantee, something that hardly happens in dry conditions. That’s where you manage to import, and where, at times, you agree to take the greatest risks. At Spa I felt in a position to push, but I don’t know if we would have been able to go to pole. Conditions were changing rapidly, and the wetter it was, the faster I felt. I hate to have to admit – concluded Norris – that I could really get pole, because it was thwarted by that accident that forced me to remain anchored in 14th place ”.

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