North Korea arrested a mother who saved 2 children from fire, but not made of fire the portraits of leaders

В Северной Корее арестована мать, которая спасла 2 детей из пожара, но не вынесла из огня портреты вождейNorth Korea arrested a mother who saved 2 children from fire, but not made of fire, portraits of leaders Author: Alexander Bugaev Portraits of Kim Il sung and Kim Jong Il / portraits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Photo: Kim Jong UN news North Korea

The mother who saved her children from a fire in Onsong County, province of North hamkyong (North Korea), was detained by Ministry of state security (MSS) that she rushed into the fire to rescue Kim family portraits.

According to Daily NK, December 30 a fire broke out in the house where lived two families. Children at this time were at home while their parents were absent when the fire started. Mother rushed into the house to try to save their children, as soon as I saw the smoke.

In the midst of all this chaos in an attempt to save their children from the fire of one of the mothers would grab running out of a burning house, the portraits of Kim Il sung and Kim Jong Il. She was arrested MSS for failing to save portraits of leaders.

North Koreans who risk themselves for the sake of portraits of the Kim family, are considered in North Korea as heroes, while those who can’t make it for whatever reason, face legal consequences.

After the mothers managed to save her children, a young worker from a local farm still managed to bring out of the fire of the portraits belonging to one of the families living in the house.

A young farmer recently released from prison where he was serving a sentence for a violent crime, but now in one night he became a hero. The family, whose portraits were preserved, has also been harassed by the MSS.

The mother, who was less fortunate, as she was unable to save the portraits, was detained and could not take care of their children with burns was taken to the hospital. Both her children needed antibiotics to treat burns, but she was unable to buy them because he was under arrest.

Friends and neighbors would like to help mother, having covered the drug costs of her children, but they are afraid to do it because she is a political prisoner. Even to collect and send them food (we are talking about 5 kg of corn) proved too much a challenge for them.

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