Not affected: State paid out record compensation for wrongful prosecutions and detentions

Not affected: State paid out record compensation for wrongful prosecutions and detentions

Does not affect: State pays record fees for failed strike ;arrest and detention

Illustration photo – On May 13, the Prague Municipal Court continued hearing the case of ex-Minister of Defense Martin Barták and gunsmith Michal Smrž. In connection with the army order for the supply of Tatra cars, the indictment accuses Barták of accepting a bribe and Smrž of attempted fraud. Former Minister of Defense Vlasta Parkanová (pictured) appeared as a witness before the court.

Prague – Last year, the state had to pay record compensation to people for illegal prosecutions and detention. In total, almost 109 million crowns went to the satisfaction due to the erroneous procedure of the police and prosecutors. This follows from the statistics of the Ministry of Justice, published by the magazine Neovlivní.cz. In 2021, it was forty million less, and even in previous years the compensation never exceeded the hundred million mark.

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The statistics include, for example, the case of former Defense Minister Vlasta Parkanová, to whom the Ministry of Justice paid compensation of 1.6 million crowns for illegal prosecution in the case of the purchase of CASA aircraft, as well as compensation for lobbyist Ivo Rittig and Martin Dvořák in the so-called ticket case of the Prague transport company. According to Neovlivní, the Ministry sent people 1,289 payments in the total amount of 108,787,745 crowns last year. For example, in 2020 compensation exceeded 68 million and in 2018 it amounted to approximately 82 million crowns.

Justice Minister Pavel Blažek (ODS) stated that the situation in this regard is not good. He believes that, unfortunately, Czech and Moravian criminal law is emerging. “This manifests itself in the fact that the Czech courts are much stricter towards public prosecutors. All their submissions on detention or wiretapping must be of high quality. In Moravia, I am unfortunately afraid that some judges – I emphasize some judges – are not so strict on indictment. And this leads to the fact that there is a higher number of illegal wiretapping, arrests and, it seems, even sentences,” Blažek said according to the server.

The highest prosecutor Igor Stříž, however, does not share his concerns. “The current image arises to a large extent from the fact that these were cases followed by the media. But I am convinced that this is not a widespread and systemic problem,” Stříž told Neovlivní.cz magazine.