NSZ: Crime in the country has increased again after two years of covid

NSZ: Crime in the country has increased again after two years of covid

NSZ: Crime in the country increased again after two years of covid

Illustrative photo – On August 3, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office presented the new web portal of the prosecutor's office system, including the new logo (pictured), in Brno.

Brno – Crime in the Czech Republic has increased after two years of covid, according to the Supreme State Attorney's Office (NSZ). The number of initiated criminal proceedings against natural persons increased year-on-year by roughly 28,500 to 197,525. Criminal prosecutions were initiated against approximately 30,500 people last year, a similar number to the year before. This follows from the press release that NSZ published on its website today.

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Members of the Constitutional and Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies visited the NSZ today during their work trip to Brno, the Supreme State Representative Igor Stříž presented them with selected figures for last year. They learned, for example, that criminal prosecutions were initiated against 30,512 natural persons last year, of which the resolution to initiate criminal prosecutions was canceled for 1,102 people, i.e. 3.6 percent of the total number of those prosecuted. The share of cases acquitted by the court has been below five percent for the last four years, in proportion to the number of indictments filed in a given year. Last year, it was 4.3 percent, so the vast majority of indictments filed by public prosecutors resulted in a conviction by the court.

The NSZ leadership also presented the MPs with trends that are changing the shape of criminal justice. The number of plea agreements is increasing, speeding up and streamlining criminal proceedings and relieving the courts. There is no main trial with evidence. Last year, prosecutors already proposed 632 such agreements during the preliminary proceedings, compared to 531 a year earlier. The share of fines imposed, which are often an alternative to imprisonment, is also increasing. Even in 2015, the share of these sanctions in relation to the number of convicted persons was 5.9 percent, last year the monetary penalty affected more than a quarter of all convicted persons (26.3 percent).

This is also related to the funds obtained in within the framework of criminal proceedings, which aim to satisfy the property claims of victims and victims of criminal activity, are transferred to the revenue part of the state budget. Last year, 478 million crowns were credited to the special account of the Ministry of Justice. As recently as 2019, the number of criminal proceedings initiated against natural persons amounted to roughly 212,000. A year later, it was about 30,000 less, i.e. around 182,000. For the year 2021, it was another roughly 13,000 less, i.e. around 169,000.

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