Nuevo León, first national place in job creation

Nuevo León, first national place in job creation

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Nuevo León, first national place in job creation

Esther herrera

Monterrey / 07/13/2021 17:25:26

During June, Nuevo León registered 11,322 new jobs formal, accumulating a total of 52 thousand 806 during the year 2021.

These numbers placed the state in first place nationwide in job creation, according to figures from the Mexican Institute of Social Security and released by the state’s Ministry of Economy and Labor (Sedet).

In most sectors there was progress in job creation, and Manufacturing continues to be the sector that generates the most jobs with 5 thousand 597.

For his part, Roberto Russildi Montellano, Secretary of the Economy and Labor, pointed out that 85,725 jobs lost in the pre-pandemic have been exceeded in the entity, at the end of the month of March, so progress continues in the state’s economy.

“It is important, at this time, to become aware that the pandemic is not over and to reinforce measures in the workplace, as well as in our home and social life to avoid a third wave of infections and not to back down in the economic reopening. The economic reactivation must continue to advance, putting health first for the benefit of state workers, ”said Russildi.

In the last 12 months, from July 2020 to June 2021, Nuevo León ratified its leadership at the national level by generating 93 thousand 731 formal jobs, according to the job generation report prepared monthly by the IMSS.

With this, Nuevo León is placed in first place in the generation of formal jobs, followed by Quintana Roo with 9,861, Coahuila with 7,543, Guanajuato with 7,187, and Yucatán with 5,646

The services and commerce sector, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, showed a rebound by generating 1,199 and 2,475 formal jobs, respectively, during the month of June.