Olymel reduces its activities in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Olymel reduces its activities in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Olymel reduced its activities in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Olymel is reducing its herd from 57,000 to 40,000 sows in the West.

Quebec agri-food producer Olymel is closing five pig farms in Alberta and one farm in Saskatchewan, causing the dismissal of some 80 employees.

In a press release, the company explains that it made this decision because of significant financial losses and the volatility of the pork sector.

The herd of Olymel sows in Western Canada will be reduced by 30%.

The number of hogs being transported to the slaughter plant in Red Deer, Alberta, will also decrease, but Olymel says plant operations will not be affected until next year.

With grain costs remaining high and causing unprecedented losses in the hog sector, we have no choice but to retreat in order to position ourselves for success when conditions improve, the Minister said. CEO of Olymel, Yanick Gervais, in the press release.

The farms that will be gradually closed in Alberta are Pinnacle 1 and 2 near Strathmore, Dynacrest 1 and 2 near Drumheller and Smoky Sow/Dev northeast of Grande Prairie.

In Saskatchewan, the closure affects the Kelsey herd, located northeast of Saskatoon.

Producer says he will help dismissed employees to find employment, either within the company or outside.

In April, Olymel announced the closure of its plant in Vallée-Jonction, Quebec , citing the same economic reasons. Three other factories in Quebec also ceased operations in the previous months.