On his 32nd birthday, Koulař Staněk won the Kladno hází meeting

On his 32nd birthday, Koulař Staněk won the Kladno hází meeting

Koulař Staněk awarded himself a victory at the Kladno rally on his 32nd birthday hází

International athletics meeting Kladno throws, June 13, 2023, Kladno. Czech representative Tomáš Staněk is the winner of the ball shooting competition.

Kladno – Shot putter Tomáš Staněk won the Kladno throw with a meet record of 21.64 meters. He also defeated his defeater from the European Indoor Championships in March, the Italian Zane Weir, and gave himself the victory on his 32nd birthday today. Lada Vondrová scored two victories at the meeting of the bronze category of the Continental Tour, who also won the 200 after Thursday.

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Koulař Staněk gave himself a gift for his 32nd birthday victory at the Kladno háziice

Koulař Staněk awarded himself a victory at the Kladno háza meeting on his 32nd birthday ; ; on the ground Kladno is throwing” />

On his 32nd birthday, Koulař Staněk won the Kladno h&iacute ;

; on the ground Kladno is throwing” />

On his 32nd birthday, Koulař Staněk won the Kladno h&iacute ; ; on the ground Kladno is throwing” />

Staněk gradually improved, he decided on the victory in the fifth attempt. “I was fighting with myself. On the longest attempt, I was trying to get it going, jump up, I left my hand closed there, so I was throwing overhand. As I was warming up for the competition, it kind of flew away, even though I didn't hit the ball at all he didn't feel. I'm glad I won,” he said.

He surpassed the two-year-old meeting record of the Portuguese Francisco Bel by 37 centimeters. “Throwing such bad attempts so far is great. I'm happy about it. The record of the meeting fell, everything is great,” he praised. During the warm-up, he felt the form even for larger meters. “I knew that in the warm-up I threw nice throws of 21 and 21.30. I could feel them a little on my fingers. I thought that if I started it, I could add a meter. Unfortunately, I did not meet it, I suffered a victory, ” he smiled. During the announcement ceremony, he received a large cake for his birthday.

Vondrová ran the 400 meters in 51.35 seconds, 21 hundredths behind her performance in Geneva on Saturday. “Of course, the victory is beautiful and I don't want to say that it means nothing to me, but now I'm mainly chasing the time,” said the runner, who has been thinking about breaking the 51-second mark for a long time. Therefore, she was not completely satisfied with today's performance. “I think it was an ideal run, then maybe I messed up the third 100 unnecessarily. At the end I was already running alone, I didn't know what I was doing, and nothing much,” lamented Vondrová, whom Briton Ama was chasing in vain in the finish line Pipiová (51.42). Tereza Petržilková came third, who for the first time in her career got under 52 seconds. She improved her personal record by a quarter of a second to 51.95.

Vondrová then presented herself in the 200-meter race B and, under the same windy conditions, was 23.42 seconds better than all the sprinters from the A race. Filip Šnejdr (1:46.67) took care of today's fourth Czech victory in the 800-meter race. .

The Czech javelin throwers did not succeed. Neither of them beat foreign competitors, the best was the sixth Irena Gillarová (55.89). Nikola Ogrodníková finished behind her (54.54). The winner was the Estonian Gedly Tugiová with a performance of 59.79 meters, with which she beat the winner of Friday's meeting of the Diamond League in Paris, Haruka Kitaguchiová from Japan, by a decimeter.

The meeting record in the 100 was broken by the South African Akani Simbine, who finished in 10.07. Czech co-record holder Jan Veleba finished seventh (10.37).

Quarter Šorm was afraid of the end of his career, now he is thinking about the World Championship

When quarterback Patrik Šorm spent several months treating a spur on his heel in the winter, he feared the end of his career. X-rays finally helped, today after nine months he competed and is thinking about the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. The priority is the relay, but he would also like to fight for participation in the individual 400 meter run.

Last season, Šorm was the Czech number one in the quarter-stroke, and he shone in the indoor arena with fifth place at the world championship. In December, however, problems came out of nowhere at the training camp in South Africa. “I remember it like it's still today. After one section it was suddenly there and every day it got worse and worse that I couldn't walk at all,” he recalled.

A three-month, initially fruitless, treatment followed. “Mr. (physiotherapist Pavel) Kolář, Karolína Velebová puzzled over it and didn't know what to do with it. In the end, it ended with me going for X-rays for a month. That only helped. Thank God it's behind me. It was a long and I don't want it back,” he breathed.

When he tried different procedures like shock wave or corticoid injections in vain, he experienced rough moments. “I was walking, but it was like having a nail in your heel. Every step was terribly painful,” said the 29-year-old Czech international. He was afraid it would be the final one. “Unfortunately, all the people around me who had it always told me that they quit because of it. Both Roman Šebrle and a lot of other people. They always told me: 'Well, that's stupid, I had to quit because of it.' I didn't sleep at night and it was really crazy. But luckily I got over it and now it looks like I can run without restrictions,” he said.

In Sletište, Kladno, he completed the 200m, in which he placed tenth with a time of 21.42. “I was looking forward to it, but it just wasn't the same. When you don't race for nine months, you get out of it and that racing lightness, racing drive, he wasn't in it today,” he noted.

He has been training for a little over two months . “Since the beginning of April. I rode from the very beginning, before that I sat on the couch for three months and waited to see what would happen. So from the very beginning, I'm really getting into it. I'm already doing well in terms of training. I just have to run it out in the race.” he stated.

On Saturday, he should complete the first Thursday at a meeting in Dessau, Germany, the next one is scheduled for Zlata Tretra. He would like to secure participation in the World Cup. “I have a month to perform three high-quality performances, which I should also be able to do with the national championship. I believe that if I am in shape and I succeed, I will be able to get there. So far, the relay is the biggest priority,” he explained his ambitions.

He is extremely excited for the races after a poor indoor season. “When I watched the European Indoor Championships on TV, I was so sad. I was looking forward to starting it and racing for one hundred and six,” he added.