Onion peel: recipes against common cold, stress and hair loss

Free natural antiseptic and antiviral agent, paint, tea, fertilizer for flowers – all about the onion skins.

Луковая шелуха: рецепты против насморка, стрессов и выпадения волос

Throwing it in the trash, we act irrationally.

Dry scales of onion have a rich chemical composition. They have b vitamins, ascorbic acid, carotene, vitamin E, PP. The largest concentration of phytoncides not juicy the onion, and in her “bottom”.

In the peel of onions recorded a significant amount of quercetin. This flavonoid inhibits the aging process by destroying diseased cells. Quercetin activates the kidneys and heart, increases endurance, strengthens bones and blood vessels.

The husks should be harvested from follicles of medium size. They must be healthy, clean, and not sprouted not rotten.

Onion peel against rhinitis
Itching and burning in the nose moving in a swelling of the mucous membranes, it becomes difficult to breathe. From his eyes flow tears and nose mucus. These symptoms accompany vasomotor and allergic rhinitis. You can remove them using the onion skin.

Dry the husks should be crushed, put on a dry frying pan and put on medium heat. Onion shell should start to char and smoke. Do not allow burning. Leaning over the stove to inhale the smoke then right, then left nostril.

Onion tea
One tablespoon of husk is washed with tap water, pour over boiling water and immediately drained it. Then pour a new portion of boiling water, insist 20 minutes. Drink as tea, a glass a day.

You can brew and infuse onion peel in a thermos, add to taste honey, mint, rose hips. This tea will be helpful for high blood pressure, heart disease. Regular consumption of onion tea reduces the risks of strokes and heart attacks, is the prevention of diabetes.

Quercetin onion peel strengthens the immune and nervous system, contributes to efficient operation of endocrine organs, has anti-cancer properties. Onion tincture to gargle in case of sore throat and mouth with stomatitis.

Oil on onion skins
The husks need to be washed, dried and milled. Then place in a glass container and pour the brim with oil. Suitable refined sunflower, olive and castor.

The oil should be sent to 14 days in a dark, cool place. Then it is filtered and stored in the fridge. Use for lubrication of boils, skin eruptions, calluses.

Since ancient times, women used onion peels to care for locks. Beginning graying, dandruff, hair loss – all problems can be solved with the help of folk remedies.

A handful of peel pour 250 ml of boiling water and boil for 15-20 minutes. The broth is filtered and a little cool. Warm broth to rinse clean, washed hair. Such regular treatments are enough to get rid of dandruff and strengthen hair roots.

If the broth is rubbed into the hair every day, 15-20 days to achieve the desired shade, from Golden to brown – no chemical dyes.

For hair growth and strengthen them, getting rid of dandruff is prepared lotion of onion peel. In a bottle of dark glass was placed a handful of the husks, add 7 stuff mashed spicy clove buds. Pour in half a glass of vodka.

The mixture insist in a dark place for at least two weeks. Lotion applied to the hair roots and massage the scalp. For dry hair in the finished lotion add 1-1. 5 tablespoons of castor or burdock oil.

Onion peel on plant protection
Dry onion flakes “live” not only volatile and vitamins, but also minerals. They include iron, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur compounds – everything you need indoor plants for good growth and protection from disease.

You should pour a liter of warm water two handfuls of dry husks, cover with a cloth and leave for a day. The infusion is filtered. Spray them plants once in 5-7 days.

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