Only two purchases, the last time was 35 years ago: the reasons for the new Juve market

Only two purchases, the last time was 35 years ago: the reasons for the new Juve market

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Only two purchases, the last time was 35 years ago: the reasons for the new Juve market

Having reached the goals of the market, the midfielder and the fourth striker, despite returning from the worst season of the decade, the Lady arrives at the start of the championship with only the new names of Kaio Jorge and Locatelli. It hadn’t happened since 1986, suspended between the last Platini and the first Ian Rush

Historically, the maxim “team that wins does not change” works the right way at Juventus. The Lady has always been able to renew herself in order to remain successful, in the name of courage more often than of conservation. But the paradox remains, overturned, after the worst year of the last decade: even the “team that does not win” does not change. Less than two weeks before the end of the summer session, the Juve transfer market could also be finished here and will certainly only move if there are opportunities (Pjanic’s arrival if Ramsey leaves). The goals were two, the fourth striker and a midfielder, and now they have arrived. To go back to such an uneventful summer, you have to go back a long time, 35 years to be precise.

The previous

It was 1986. A very different context from today. Juve came from the fourth championship in six seasons, the one that would be the last before nine years of fasting, then broken only with the Lippi era. And it would have been – we already knew from the World Cup in Mexico – that it would also have been Michel Platini’s last season. He did not have to be exactly the successor, and certainly he was not on the pitch, but it was the summer in which Juve moved in time to get the Welshman Ian Rush to join Juventus in 1987, but only after one last season with the team. Liverpool shirt. Hailed after eleven years and six championships Giovanni Trapattoni, the only two arrivals for Rino Marchesi were thus Beniamino Vignola, who however was a return from loan in Verona, and Roberto Soldà, who arrived from Atalanta to be the successor of Scirea but in reality lasted only one season before ending up at Verona.

The reasons

In the week leading up to the start of the championship, on the first day of Serie A – Sunday afternoon in Udine – Juventus arrives today with two operations under their belt, Kaio Jorge and Manuel Locatelli, both daughters of particularly long parties given the figures not exorbitant business: about 3 million in two years (plus various commissions) for the Brazilian, 35 million to be paid in five years (the first two on free loan) for the blue. A novelty born of contingent reasons. In particular, the end of the capital gains policy has allocated the resources coming from the capital increase to the budget rather than to finance the market. The consequent choice to keep players from returning from loans has further reduced the need for incoming men to flesh out the second lines. But the blow of the summer Juve count on having done it on the bench.

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