Organizations ask AMLO not to betray politics at the UN Summit

Organizations ask AMLO not to betray politics at the UN Summit

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Organizations ask AMLO not to betray politics at the UN Summit

Hundreds of peasant organizations and Mexican civil society, collectives and academics demanded that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, be the representative of Mexico in the World Summit on Food Systems convened by the United Nations (UN) to be held on September 23.

In a public letter addressed to the Mexican president and members of his cabinet, social organizations requested that at this Summit, the representation of Mexico be consistent and don’t betray food policy that the President has promoted.

They also urged the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador to make “a strong call for food systems to guarantee people’s right to nutritious, sufficient, quality and culturally appropriate food, as well as the right of peoples to conserve their food culture, traditional agro-ecosystems and their seeds” .

The Summit was called by the United Nations due to the urgency of reforming the current food system dominant to be sustainable, socially fair and provide nutrition to the population. However, since its organization and design, the Summit has been captured by the corporations of agrochemicals, seeds and production of ultra-processed, who are the ones who have caused this damage to the planet and humanity.

The signatories explained that the mexican government, whose pronouncement for food sovereignty has taken important and exemplary measures, such as the prohibition of glyphosate and the planting of transgenic corn, as well as the implementation of warning labeling on unhealthy ultra-processed products, must echo the voices of the peoples of the world demanding genuine reform of food systems that guarantees sustainability for future generations, restores the fertility of the land, is based on agroecological practices, guarantees healthy food for the population and gives a central place to farmers.

“The Mexican government can play an exemplary and historic role not only in the defense of food systems, but also in the defense of the United Nations system against his capture by commercial interests that with this Summit will set a very bad precedent for international governance ”, they affirmed.

They added that it must coincide with the rapporteurs of the United Nations for the Right to Food and an immense group of experts, institutions, organizations and social movements, including representation of more than 300 million producers of food in the world, known as a whole as the “Autonomous response of the peoples to the Summit”.

Finally, they reiterate the exhortation to the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador that as a representative of the Mexican State “place national priorities and experiences on food sovereignty and security for the memory of the peoples and respect for human rights.”