Organizers will announce the nominations for the Magnesia Litera Awards today

Today the organizer will announce the nominations for the Magnesia Litera Awards

Illustration photo – Announcement of the winners of the Magnesia Litera book awards, April 10, 2022, Prague. The Magnesia Litera award was won by Pavel Klusák.

Prague – The organizers of the Magnesia Litera annual book awards will announce this year's nominees today. In it, the award will undergo several changes. Three new genre categories have been introduced – fantasy, detective and humorous book – and a new honorary category, the Magnesia Award for contribution to book culture. On the contrary, the Magnesia Blog of the Year category was canceled – according to the organizers, due to the decreasing number of blogs in the Czech online space and the related decreasing relevance of this medium and the need to focus on it.

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The jurors had more work to do this year than in previous years, as a total of 595 books were entered for this year's edition, and others were requested by the jurors themselves when they could not find them among the entries. Five-member expert juries will decide on the nominations of the individual categories, which will also determine the winners. The juries of the newly introduced genre categories have three members.

Only the main prize of Magnesia Litera – Book of the Year, as well as the over-genre Litera category for the debut of the year, will traditionally be decided by a three-hundred-member voting body made up of people from all professions in the book industry: booksellers , librarians, editors, critics, educators and the authors themselves, excluding those who might have a conflict of interest.

The main purpose of the Magnesia Litera awards is the promotion of quality books. Traditionally, this is reflected in the sales of the winning titles, which often multiply after the winners are announced. Pavel Klusák's book Gott. The Czechoslovak story, which last year won the main prize and the prize in the Litera category for journalism, thus exceeded the ten thousand bestseller mark. After approximately 8,000 copies were sold between publication and the announcement of the nominations in March, another approximately 8,000 copies were subsequently sold, totaling 16,000 copies.