Orietta Berti: “Coca-Cola advertising in Mille’s video? Fedez did everything”

Orietta Berti: “Coca-Cola advertising in Mille’s video? Fedez did everything”

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Orietta Berti: “Coca-Cola advertising in Mille’s video? Fedez did everything”

Surely one of the characters of 2021 is Orietta Berti. First his iconic participation in the Sanremo Festival, now together with Fedez and Achille Lauro in one of the summer hits, Mille. A rather unlikely trio, which however has been at the top of the charts of the best-selling singles for two weeks. The video of the song is also one of the most viewed on YouTube in Italy.

Orietta Berti spoke of this unexpected success, a sort of second artistic youth, in an interview with Corriere della Sera: “I would never have thought one day of being the most viewed on YouTube. But not even Fedez and Achille expected this song to have such a great impact on such different generations. I told Fedez: they had taken a twenty-year-old to sing with them it was normal, but with me it has a completely different effect, it has another flavor. Even the trio, compared to the duet, was a more original choice ”.

The singer then spoke of the controversy over the fact that Coca-Cola is explicitly mentioned in the Mille video, so much so that Codacons in recent days has asked for the video to be stopped for hidden advertising: “I don’t know if they paid us, done everything Fedez. However, I know that there is a “red coca cola” lipstick that I had to wear but it didn’t fit on me, in the end I preferred fuchsia “.

During the interview Orietta Berti revealed the trick for her voice, still flawless at 78 years old: “Chilli. I buy it in Vasto when it is the season, the very spicy ones are good for the voice. It’s like taking cortisone, but it makes me fat and it’s not good. Chilli, in addition to being a concentrate of vitamin C, cleans the vocal cords, the voice comes out crystal clear. I’ve always used it ”.

The singer then revealed what was the most transgressive thing she did: “The holidays in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, in the last four I have not been able to go there, but I have been there for 26 years: there I dress everything in a different way , I have all my colored wigs, I dress in blue with the blue wig, or pink with the pink wig. My friends there are all gay, every night we have a party, we are always dressed all weird ”.

Finally to the Corriere Orietta Berti told of when magazines such as Playboy and Playmen asked her to pose naked: “They offered me mind-boggling figures: but who would have heard my mother and my mother-in-law. When a magazine, in the 1970s, published a cartoon with a caricature of me on a boat next to a handsome lifeguard, my mother got angry with me. What do I have to do with it, if I don’t even know who designed it? ”.