Oscar de La Renta: the designer way to create my own brand and unique style

Оскар де ла Рента: путь модельера к созданию собственного бренда и неповторимого стиля

A talented representative of the fashion industry, a master of his craft, a man of rare taste and an unusually fine sense of beauty is an American fashion designer Oscar de La Renta has died at 82. The last 8 of which was battling cancer. Until the end of his days continued to work and develop the company Oscar de la Renta.

In almost 50 years of a brilliant career in the world of fashion celebrated designer became the winner of many prestigious awards, including a lifetime award for contribution to the development of the American fashion Council of fashion designers of America. He received worldwide recognition for creating an amazing women’s toilets. Among his clients was the first lady of the United States Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama.

Today LifeStyle 24 recalls the life of a fashion designer of Dominican descent who has astonished the whole world.

Early years

Famous American designer was born in 1932 in the Dominican Republic in a large family. Since childhood wanted to be an artist and dreaming of distant wanderings. After graduating from University in San Domingo, he went to Madrid, where studied painting and its history. Oscar saw himself as a freelance artist. However, already had a part-time job – illustrated fashion magazines.

The beginning of the career of the designer

Handsome Dominican dreamed of a life full of interesting adventures. But one case unexpectedly turned yesterday’s student in one of the most famous designers in the world.

It all happened because of one dress. The pupil of the Madrid Academy of fine arts has received a proposal to create a prom dress for my friend – daughter of the American Ambassador in Spain. Most Oscar were surprised when this girl dress was photographed for the cover of Life magazine.

Оскар де ла Рента: путь модельера к созданию собственного бренда и неповторимого стиля

The first dress is Oscar, Madrid, 1956 / Vogue

This unexpected twist of fate changed his life. Dress made a splash, and Oscar fell to a flurry of calls and messages. Some admired the work, others left the order to create for them a bright and Grand dresses. This circumstance helped him to emerge from the shadows and to Express themselves. As a result, he was invited to the fashion house Balenciaga, where he became an assistant to Spanish designer cristóbal of Balenziaga.

In 1961, the young designer tries increasingly closer to fashion at the international level. Paris tries his hand at fashion house Lanvin, working with Antonio Castillo. In this work he had the opportunity to meet with all the highest society of Paris, including Francoise de Langlade, who led French Vogue. The designer met his first wife.

Wise advice

In 1962, at the reception of the Duke of Lanfranco Rasponi in new York, Oscar de La Renta met with the owner of a cosmetic Empire Elizabeth Arden, which has long wanted to launch a clothing line and offered him cooperation. In addition to this proposal, the designer had many other, including the proposal from the house of Christian Dior. But Diana Vreeland, editor of American Vogue, advised him to work with Elizabeth Arden, who knew nothing about fashion, but not with Dior, where he always remained in the shadow of other designers. After listening to wise counsel, a designer together with his wife moved to new York and joined Elizabeth Arden. It was in new York in 1965, the designer was able to present my first collection.

The formation and path of its own brand

When Oscar moved into the fashion house Jane Derby, after the mistress passed away, he bought a stamp and called his name. In 1967, he created the famous brand, Oscar de la Renta.

Three years after founding his fashion house, the designer has launched a line of menswear, and three years later assumed the presidency of the Council of fashion designers of America.

In 2004, the first store in new York. On the international scene, the fashion house was able to get in 2008, when it appeared brand stores in Athens and Madrid.

Оскар де ла Рента: путь модельера к созданию собственного бренда и неповторимого стиля

Dress Oscar de La Renta / Vogue

Represented in the store model showed the distinctive style of the designer. He was combining elements of flamenco, Oriental motives and abstract prints in the suit. The combination of different cultures and eras, fabrics and textures, the features of construction – all this gave the costumes to emphasize the sophistication and elegance. He was able to demonstrate an original and distinctive vision in modeling clothes.

Features brand

The main feature of all things designer – a clear and uncluttered silhouette. In the collections of couturiers never attended a model avant-garde direction. Dress style Oscar de la Renta – classic and interpretation of classical motifs in a modern vision.

Thanks to its extreme femininity to the dresses of the designer gave preference to the most famous lady in the world. Here and movie stars and wives of presidents, and an Arabian Princess. Almost all known women have tried to get in your wardrobe party dresses from the popular masters.

Оскар де ла Рента: путь модельера к созданию собственного бренда и неповторимого стиля

Victoria Beckham and Oscar de La Renta / Ivona – bigmir)net

“For the award “Oscar” will wear Oscar”,
– this expression has become popular, and, most likely, it was the best compliment to the designer.

Under the brand name Oscar de la Renta has developed a production line accessories. It includes shoes, hats, bags, belts, jewelry and other attributes. In the collections of de La Renta are both expensive fine bags from reptile leather, and simple white copies. Own line of accessories allows you to create completely finished concise images. First demonstration of accessories from Oscar de la Renta was held in 2001. Later Oscar was created collections of articles of fur and opened cosmetic line.

In addition, the first stars of the world are particularly fond of perfume scents that are released under the same brand. For example, the classic perfume “Red Orchid” has become a popular women’s fragrance and found many fans. A brand like no other, allows you to experience the vast and elusive connection between eras and generations, while remaining modern.

Fashion victims

Widely known for the expression “fashion victim” belongs to Oscar. By this the designer had in mind people who, following the fashion trends, are buying up “all the fashion”, thus losing their individuality. He didn’t like to come up with a theme collections, to think about trends and popular movements. He said that creates “beautiful things for a whole year”, and insisted that they should choose, according to your own style.

Fashion is about how to dress according to trends. Style is more about how to be yourself,
– said the designer.

Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses de La Renta deserve special attention, and to devote to them could be a separate article. The models clearly showed the artist’s style: luxurious fabrics and distinct sleek silhouettes.

Оскар де ла Рента: путь модельера к созданию собственного бренда и неповторимого стиля

Wedding dresses from de La Renta / Martha Steward Weddings

In wedding dresses must be present with all the classic details and elements: lace, ribbon, embroidery, layering. They formed wonderful combinations between them. This allows you to create designer brand masterpieces of Bridal fashion.

My last wedding dress he made for Amal Alamuddin, the current wife of George Clooney.

Оскар де ла Рента: путь модельера к созданию собственного бренда и неповторимого стиля

Wedding dress for Amal Alamuddin / Woman.ru

The secret of success of the designer

Friends of de La Renta was assured that it is not only its elegance and exceptional insight, in his love for women. His inspiration was women. He admired women and knew how to surprise them.

My job as designer is to let the woman feel the best
– say Yes Oscard La Renta.

Author: Irina Kovalchuk

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