Osma Dukla did not give her opponents a chance when she returned to Primátorky

Osma Dukla did not give her opponents a chance when she returned to Primátorky

Osma Dukly didn't give her opponents a chance when she returned to the Primaries< /p> Traditional rowing races of the Prime Minister, June 4, 2023, Prague. The winning team of Dukla Prague.

Prague – As expected, the favored crew of Prague's Dukla won the 110th edition of the prestigious eight-row race when they returned to the rowing Primátorky. The line-up of Filip Zima, Dalibor Nedela, Tomáš Šišma, Jan Cincibuch, Václav Baldrián, Marek Diblík, Jan Čížek, Lukáš Helešic with the returnee Oldřich Hejdušek as coxswain won with an advantage of almost two boat lengths ahead of the Dukla and Slavia team, another Dukla boat finished third .

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“The return was difficult because I gained weight and I didn't have the weight I needed. I had to lose weight, I managed to lose about three kilos, but I didn't reach what I should have,” said the sixty-five-year-old Hejdušek, who won the Primátorky for the 26th time career. “The boys rode excellently, it was a perfect race. They handled it brilliantly, so they took my kilos away with complete ease. I must say that I enjoyed it,” smiled the rowing legend.

Hejdušek has already announced the end of his career several times and claimed that no one would see him racing on the Vltava again. But he changed his mind again. “I didn't want to. We already wanted to have peace, but it was told to me that I had to. That they needed me to go. I'm Duklák and I'll never leave them in the lurch. That's why I nodded,” said Hejdušek.

Among the women's eight-rowers, the joint boat Hamra and Bleska defended their first place. Jan Potůček from Dukla dominated the ski boat races for the third time and Lenka Lukšová from Slavia for the fifth time, who won the previous four championships under the name Antošová.

“I tried not to underestimate the race. I wanted to start quickly in order to maintain my leading position, and the biggest goal for me was to drive the course on a more ideal track than on Saturday, when I was blown away. And I succeeded quite well, probably the best I can ever remember,” said Lukšová, pointing to the specifics of the mayor's course with a bend under Vyšehrad.

In the past two years, Dukla rowers did not compete in the Primátorky in the uniform of the army club, because according to the new regulations, representatives of the so-called departmental sports centers, including Dukla, could not participate in the most famous Czech race. In 2021, for example, six representatives of Dukla sat in the winning crew of Slavia. Last year, when Slavia triumphed again, practically all elite rowers concentrated on preparing for the world championship in Račice in June. For this year, the organizers canceled the restrictions.

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