Over 190,000 not vaccinated against Covid in the Balearics

Over 190,000 not vaccinated against Covid in the Balearics

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Over 190,000 not vaccinated against Covid in the Balearics

More than 190,000 people in the Balearics, who are over the age of 12, have still not had their Covid vaccines.

The immunization centers at Germans Scales and They are Dureta are the only ones still open in Mallorca and they’ll close on September 29, but people will still be able to have their jabs at Health Centers.

The vaccination point at the Mateu Cañallas Sports Center in Inca has closed after immunizing 117,000 and the one at Manacor Racecourse is also closed after giving 106,000 their jabs. 163 people in Inca and 172 in Manacor will have to go to their local health center for their 2nd dose.

“During the last 6 months around 20 professionals cared for patients in Inca and Manacor, who suffered dizziness or were indisposed because they were nervous, ”said Mar Tomás, Deputy Director, Infermeria d’Atenció Primària and Coordinator of the Inca and Manacor facilities.

The two vaccination points worked with Primary Care teams and had the support of Inca and Manacor hospitals, the GSAIB and Red Cross personnel.

Most people have now been vaccinated and there’s been a dramatic decrease in the number of people attending the centers in the last two weeks, but both centers had record-breaking days.

On July 6, a total of 1,628 people were immunized at the Mateu Cañellas sports center in Inca and on July 16, a total of 1,951 people got their jabs at Manacor Racecourse.

Mar Tomás says one of the most memorable days was April 7, when the AstraZeneca vaccinations were suspended.

“It was very hard to tell people they couldn’t be vaccinated, but they understood,” he said.

A total of 190,670 people over 12 years old have still not been vaccinated against Covid-19 and the Government is urging to them to get immunized as soon as possible.