Over 20,000 people came to Riegrový sady to celebrate 100 years of Czech Radio

Over 20,000 people came to Riegrový sady to celebrate 100 years of Czech Radio

Over 20,000 people came to Riegrov's orchards to celebrate 100 years of Czech Radio

Czech Radio's 100th birthday concert for the general public, May 18, 2023, Prague.

Prague – According to the organizers, over 20,000 people of all generations arrived at the concert to celebrate 100 years of Czech Radio this evening in Riegrový sady in Prague. They filled the area of ​​the athletics stadium and its surroundings. Many watched the action on stage on a large screen placed on the grassy area behind the fence. At 20:15, those present remembered the exact beginning of the regular broadcasting of the Czechoslovak Radio during the projection of historical photographs. The moderators of the concert were Lucie Výborná and Jiří Holoubek. Entry to the event was free.

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At the several-hour concert, Marek Ztracený, Chinaski, Mirai, Aneta Langerová, Lenka Filipová, Zdeněk Svěrák, Petr Malásek, Michael Kocáb, Dagmar Pecková or Kateřina Marie Tichá & Bandjeez. At 19:00 the concert became part of the celebratory broadcast of Czech Radio, in which the song Chválím té, země mai performed by Zdenek Svěrák and the Czech Radio Children's Choir was the first to be heard.

On the occasion of Czech Radio's jubilee from the screen placed president Petr Pavel, singer Marta Kubišová, judoka Lukáš Krpálek, tennis player Barbora Strýcová or theater actor Jiří Suchý addressed the audience above the stage. “I will be 100 years old in eight and a half years, so I wish both of us success in everything we do with radio,” said Suchý.

The program was complemented by a live commentary by Jan Pokorný from the R-stream mobile studio, who connected the concert with listeners of Radiožurnál, Dvojka and regional Czech Radio stations. Moderator Jana Gulda broadcasted the improvised messages to the applause of the audience.

The program also commemorated some artists who are no longer alive, whose voices were heard on Czech Radio. Aneta Langerová sang Karel Kryl's song Invisible Girl to the pre-recorded accompaniment of the Symphony Orchestra of the Czech Radio (SOČR), Rachel Skleničková performed the duet Čistý svet together with a projected image of Miroslav Žbirka.

On the occasion of the 100th birthday, May 20 will also to hold an Open Day of the buildings of the radio complex in Prague's Vinohrady and regional studios of Czech Radio. For its 100th anniversary, the Czech Radio is publishing a book entitled Rozhlasto, which presents 100 years of radio in photographs, posters and documents from the archives of the Czech Radio. The christening of the visual publication took place at the 28th international book fair and literary festival World of Books in Prague. SOČR will participate in the celebrations of 100 years of radio with several concerts at this year's festivals. Among other things, he spoke today at the Prague Spring festival.

The current results of Radioprojekt's radio listenership research in the Czech Republic for the 4th quarter of 2022 and the 1st quarter of 2023 recorded an increase in listening to most Czech Radio stations and, at the same time, a record share of the Czech Republic in radio market. The most unlistened to radio in the last two quarters was Radiožurnál with 882,000 listeners, which is an increase of 21,000 compared to the second half of last year.