Over wintering in the Park “kleban-Bull” swans biologists see with your drone (Video)

За зимующими в парке «Клебан-Бык» лебедями биологи наблюдают с помощью квадрокоптера (Видео)

Swans-the mute in the territory of regional landscape Park “kleban-Byk” (Konstantinovskiy R-n, the Donetsk region) the Park staff observe including using the quadcopter. This was reported by a biologist-researcher Galina Semenikhina, reports “Vline radio”.

According to her, the swans mute tolerate severe weather conditions. Test this out and observe the birds that spend the winter on the frozen reservoir, the scientist helps the quadcopter.

The population of swans had not migrated this year and was left to winter here, because December and January were for the birds warm. Now the reservoir in the Park has frozen over almost entirely; only a hole with a diameter of 15 m, where they congregate.

The visitors to the Park saw several swans were frozen though, because sitting in one place for a long time. To approach them on fragile ice was impossible, so the scientists of the Park have attracted the Quad to check the status of wintering birds.

“The Quad is a property of the Park. And we constantly monitor with the help of the state birds. Today we saw: everything is fine, they are active in this ice hole, swim. They mainly feed on algae or small invertebrates”, – says Galina.

Park scientists traced the whereabouts of all swans, they are on the unfrozen parts of the water of the reservoir or on the edge of the ice.

With the help of photos and videos taken by this lethal machine, scientists estimate and the exact number of swans: now there are 171.

“If they are healthy birds – even if completely freeze the water – they will fly and find her a place. It is a strong bird that can fly up to 300 km distance, so, in principle, not be lost. And it is better not to touch and not to interfere in her life,” explains researcher landscape Park “kleban-Bull”.

Recall that this winter in the territory of regional landscape Park “kleban-Bull” you can watch the swans. The reservoir is completely covered with a layer of ice, so the swans had not migrated.

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