Overflowing Giannis, Phoenix stretched out.  So Milwaukee reopened the Finals

Overflowing Giannis, Phoenix stretched out. So Milwaukee reopened the Finals

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Overflowing Giannis, Phoenix stretched out.  So Milwaukee reopened the Finals

The 41 points of the Greek launch the Bucks to 120-100 of game-3. Now the Suns lead 2-1

A choral show of strength. A story of redemption, that of the various Holiday, Middleton, Portis, Tucker, winning and convincing. And a confirmation story: Antetokounmpo is playing in the Imperial Finals. In short, the Milwaukee Bucks win, indeed they win game 3 of the Finals by scrambling Phoenix 120-110. Also ahead by 25 points, thus shortening the gap in the series, now at 1-2, after the two net defeats suffered in Arizona. Race 4 is scheduled on the Italian night between Wednesday and Thursday. The Bucks breathe a sigh of relief: from below 0-3 no one has ever “returned”. Now, however, things are getting interesting …

giannis dominates

The Greek confirms himself as a Martian. He is playing the best basketball of his life in the playoffs during these Finals. This time he scores 41 points in 38 ‘, even inventing himself as an extraordinary scorer of free throws: 13/17 from the line. He adds 13 rebounds and a physical overwhelming power of basketball omnipotence. This time the team gives him a hand: not only Connaughton, but also Holiday and Middleton in attack, and Portis between a fight and another, from the bench. The defense of the Suns this time is put under. And Booker runs into an unusual bad evening, mainly marked by Tucker: 3/14 shooting, plays just 29 ‘with Coach Williams who keeps him on the bench to rest and reflect in the 4th quarter, with a compromised result.

the match

28-25 Suns at the end of the 1st quarter. Ayton with 12 points, the Bucks are struggling to get Holiday up and running, with Teague who Coach Bud presents in shameless rotation despite being a disaster on both sides of the pitch. The good news for Milwaukee: Tucker makes Booker and limits him to 1/7 from the field. Yet the guests shoot with 50%. A 20-6 run of the Bucks, dragged by Antetokounmpo, leads them 50-42. Even 60-45 at the end of the first half. Suns swept away, forced to a quarter by just 17 points. Giannis with 18. Ayton commits the 4th foul at the beginning of the second half. And goes to the bench. Coach Williams tries the defensive zone, but Giannis breaks everything. Sweeps it away. Cam Johnson turns into LeBron James for 5 minutes and brings the Suns back to -4, but it’s a flash in the pan. Crowder and Portis “make friends” in their own way, like bad boys. Then Holiday finds the touch from distance, for the first time in the series, while Antetokounmpo continues to rage Ayton in absentia. A 16-0 run to close the fourth dragged the Bucks ahead 98-76 at the end of the 3rd set. Already over. The Bucks win by technical knockout. The first home Finals match in 47 years in Milwaukee ends little by little. The Bucks are back in the running for the ring, we have a competitive streak.
Milwaukee: G. Antetokounmpo 41 (14/21, 0/2, 13717 tl), Holiday 21, Middleton 18. Rebounds: Antetokounmpo 13. Assist: Holiday 9.
Phoenix: Paul 19 (7/10, 1/4, 2/3 tl), Ayton / Crowder 18. Rebounds: Ayton 9. Assists: Paul 9.

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