Paes calls breweries to sponsor Rio Carnival in 2022

Paes calls breweries to sponsor Rio Carnival in 2022

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Paes calls breweries to sponsor Rio Carnival in 2022

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes (PSD-RJ) called, this Saturday (9.Oct.2021), the breweries Heineken, Itaipava, Brahma and Schin to sponsor Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival in 2022. In post no Twitter, he said he is already imagining what it will be like “the commercials of the different breweries at next year’s Carnival”.

Enthusiastic about the festivities, Paes published the image of the 1st advertisement for the Brahma brewery after the Spanish flu (1918-1919). In the material, it is written: “In order to be able to promptly respond to beer orders for the 1919 Carnival, we ask our friends and customers to be kind enough to send us their esteemed orders with the necessary advance notice”.

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On October 3rd, the mayor confirmed the schedule of Carnival in Rio in 2022 without adopting social distancing. The municipal secretary of Health, Daniel Soranz, said, however, that the holding of the party in the capital of Rio de Janeiro will depend on the low rates of contagion by the coronavirus.