Paint receives its first update in years: it will have dark mode in Windows 11

Paint receives its first update in years: it will have dark mode in Windows 11

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Paint receives its first update in years: it will have dark mode in Windows 11

Microsoft is updating one of its most iconic applications: Paint. As the company announced, with the arrival of its new operating system, Windows 11, will renew the appearance of the program to draw that even will introduce a dark mode to less disturb the vision.

This was shown by the Product Manager of Microsoft, Panos Panay, through his personal Twitter account, where he published a video to show the news of Paint in Windows 11 before the launch of the system, which has no date defined yet but it would arrive in the spring of these latitudes.

Paint is one of the native Windows applications that Microsoft gave a new logo to, simpler and more colorful, although this still represents a wooden palette with paints and a brush as it already happens in Windows 10.

The new Paint maintains the use of different types of brushes, although now it modifies the appearance of the drop-down in which they are located to highlight their name and the type of stroke that each one provides.

Among the main novelties of the design, Microsoft showed that Paint for Windows 11 will feature a dark mode for the first time with black and dark gray colors, for low light conditions.

The “dark mode” function is often used to less strain your eyes in closed environments, in addition to that in portable computers it usually consumes less battery because less brightness is used.

A 36-year-old program

The first version of Paint was introduced in Windows 1.0, the debut of the operating system created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It was a licensed version of PC Paintbrush, and it supported only 1-bit monochrome graphics under a proprietary format. “MSP”.

In Windows 3.0 it was renamed to PaintBrush in with a redesigned interface, color support, and support for the BMP and PCX file formats.

Paintbrush, one of the first versions of Paint. Photo Microsoft

It was from Windows 98 (Windows 2000 and Windows ME) that Paint began to allow saving images in JPEG, GIF and PNG formats, although by installing add-ons.

In July 2017 Microsoft added Paint to the list of deprecated Windows features and in Windows 10 the idea was to “kill” the application.

However, the company realized that many more people than they thought use it, and more than they realized.

The jump to Windows 11

Paint receives its first update in years: it will have dark mode in Windows 11

New computers with Windows 11 pre-installed will begin shipping later this year, but Microsoft will allow users of Windows 10 update for free aa to the new version of your operating system.

The ability to upgrade to Windows 11 it will depend on the characteristics of the equipment, that is, that it is compatible with the new version, although in a question and answer document for salespeople, Microsoft points out that most of the Windows 10 computers currently on the market meet the minimum requirements.

This document states that the distribution plans have not yet been finalized, but that the update will begin at the end of this year and will continue in 2022. During that time, Windows update It will indicate if and when the PC can be upgraded to the new version.

This update from Windows 10 to 11 will be free, and users will also have a trial period of ten days to decide if the experience offered by the new version meets their needs. If they are not convinced, they can return to Windows 10, with all your files and data intact.