‘PAMI medicines are not all free’

‘PAMI medicines are not all free’

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‘PAMI medicines are not all free’

Some public officials have appeared suddenly and successively, joined by directors of public institutions, giving election speeches based on the promises made by Alberto Fernández during his campaign running for president. One of these promises was the benefit of giving free medicines to PAMI members.

The speeches are broadcast as if all retirees could obtain all their medicines for free when it is not true, since it is a benefit limited to only 170 medicines that are included in the PAMI list.

That is to say, those members of the passive class to whom their doctors prescribe the drugs that are not in said list, must pay for them out of pocket. And since PAMI services do not guarantee adequate health care, retirees are forced to contract the services of a prepaid medicine, and then suffer from a double economic burden: the contribution to PAMI and the prepaid, whose fee is reached by the value added tax. Adherents to the prepaid medicine system obtain in many medicines a higher discount than that offered by PAMI to those that are not included in its list of free ones.

It is very sad to observe the use of information for political purposes and that the human goals of health care and well-being of the passive class are not met as they well deserve.

Oscar E. Garcia / osedgar@yahoo.com

Voices, claims and expectations of retirees

Due to a commercial decision, Branch 747 of Banco Santander Río located in Rivadavia 4917 of CABA, moved to Rosario 804 also of CABA as of 07/19/2021 with the consequent disabling of its four ATMs and the five self-service terminals what he had.

It is evident that this commercial decision, taken in a pandemic context, forgot that there are retirees who receive their assets in the moved branch and who have mobility problems to move to the new headquarters located ten blocks away from the first.

Before the transfer was made, on July 13, 2021, I made the call 573136674 to 4325-2400 from the Banco Santander Rio Telephone Service at 1:05 p.m. and raised the concern. Apparently, it has not been taken into account.

Not only does public management forget about retirees, private management also.

Carlos Alberto Castriota / ccastriota2004@yahoo.com.ar

Today the symbol of conversion and indoctrination in politics is marked with the word Borocoto. Going through history, we look for betrayals of the same tenor and we think we have found it.

In 1944, in the month of August, the Polish people wanted to shake off the yoke of the Nazi troops. The Russian forces were at the gates of Warsaw and with promises of help from Warsaw, the allies and an uprising, they would end the yoke. The signal was given and they went out to defend their homeland. They fought fiercely and more than 200,000 civilians were left on the battlefield. Already the fate of Poland had been cast in Yalta by those who ruled the world.

So the Russian troops did not advance and let them be massacred. Then they entered and with a people bled to death, they easily fell into the hands of communism. That should be considered the sumun of high treason.

We see in our mind an image of terror where lately the party created by Perón is used as a sign of treason. A former president who came from the side of the mountain range, sold everything and crawled at the feet of foreign capital. Another who came from the south, rebelled against those measures and bought old and obsolete things. Then he started buying “bodies and souls” and betrayed himself by denying what he had said.

The people believed, once again, as another leader with predicament recommended it. So it was for us. We feel, especially the retirees, like the heroic Poles in the Warsaw Uprising. Betrayed, cheated, abandoned and scammed. In the same way that the Nuremberg Tribunal did not judge the allies for allowing the massacre, we also see that our turncoats will not be tried.

Thousands of lives lost, wasted. It’s a huge shame.

Juan R. Bell / belljuanroberto@yahoo.com.ar

Representing millions of retirees who do not have to pay for their burial, I request that you address the legislators expressing your desire for a Law approved by consensus, so that the ANSeS takes charge of burial expenses, from the shroud to the simple coffin, illuminated by a candle, that illuminates his transfer to the crematorium, so that his ashes fertilize the soil from which the spike will be born that will help end a hundred years of poverty.

Luis A. Durban durban_consultor@hotmail.com The government’s decision to grant in August a bonus of $ 5,000 to retirees who charge the minimum up to $ 46,130, leaving the rest with nothing; It is one more patch because as soon as that amount is analyzed, it does not include the retirement income.

Accumulated inflation in 6 months is 25.3%; The increases granted by the new mobility law amount to 20.19%, the prices of the basic shopping basket are permanently increased, the increases in goods and services mean that these assets do not cover the minimum needs.

This makes it clear that the only reality is that retirees continue to be the adjustment variable in the economy. In addition, different rulings have indicated that the increases in 2020 suspended the law and granted by decree, only amounted to 35%, being insufficient and those sentences establish that by application of the previous mobility law the corresponding increase is 42.13% ; Rulings that are not final appealed to the Supreme Court.

Consequently, the amount of this bonus is extremely meager, it does not compensate at all for the loss suffered in assets, it highlights the continuous deterioration suffered by them and the authorities do not adopt measures to correct the income of the entire passive class accordingly. .

Mario A. Parafati / malejandroparafati@gmail.com

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‘PAMI medicines are not all free’