Pancakes with milk: a simple recipe

Блины на молоке: простой рецепт приготовления

Pancakes – one of the most delicious and versatile dishes in the Ukrainian cuisine. What other dish can easily be served for a snack, a main dish and even dessert! How to make classic pancakes with milk and some secrets of cooking of this dish further into the material.

No matter how much there pancake recipes, the ingredients remain unchanged, the milk, sugar, salt, eggs, butter. Flour for their preparation may be different, the same variety may be filling. Someone likes sweet pancakes with fruits, cottage cheese, condensed milk or jam, and someone who likes salty pancakes with mushrooms or meat. Each of these fillings can turn regular pancakes into a work of culinary art!

The secrets of cooking pancakes:

1. To make pancakes best suited wheat flour. But you can also use buckwheat or oat flour.

2. From the lumps in the dough can be removed in two ways. First: add the flour in small portions and knead well. Second: add the entire portion of flour and knead stiff dough, and then add milk to achieve consistency you need.

3. In order for the pancakes turned out very tender, the flour should be sifted 2 to 3 times.

4. Thin pancakes can be done on the water, and with milk you get a more tender and flavorful pancakes.

5. It is best to use for frying special frying pan, if not – take a non-stick coating.

Recipe pancakes on milk

Блины на молоке: простой рецепт приготовления

Recipe pancakes on milk

– milk (300 ml);
– 2 eggs;
– flour (200-250 g);
– 1 tablespoon of oil;
– sugar (2 tbsp.);
– a pinch of salt.

Recipe for pancakes with milk:

1. Whisk the eggs in a lush foam. Better to do it with a mixer. Add to the eggs the sugar, salt and vegetable oil and whisk again.

2. Heat the milk but do not boil. Warm milk mix with eggs and sugar.

3. Add small portions of flour and stir constantly until that time, until all the “lumps”.

4. The dough should be liquid and to remind liquid sour cream. Pour it on a frying pan without oil and fry on both sides until Golden color. As toppings to these pancakes may be served any fruit, cheese, jam and the like. If you want to make pancakes with savoury filling, then do not add in sugar dough.

Bon appetit!

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