Paolo Bonolis: sweet phrases for Raffaella Carrà

Paolo Bonolis: sweet phrases for Raffaella Carrà

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Paolo Bonolis: sweet phrases for Raffaella Carrà

The iconic Raffaella Carrà passed away yesterday afternoon. Many have wanted to spend words to remember the fantastic showgirl, and among these there is also Paolo Bonolis. The conductor in fact shared a post on Instagram to remember Raffaella Carrà.

At the age of 78, the magnificent passed away Raffaella Carrà. The news of his loss shocked the entertainment world, and many wanted to spend words for remember it.

In addition to the numerous influencers who remembered Carrà through their Instagram stories, many characters from the small screen wanted to commemorate the showgirl; Maria De Filippi, Lorella Cuccarini, Maurizio Costanzo and many others have decided to remember Raffaella Carrà.

To these, it is also added Paolo Bonolis, than through his profile Instagram wanted to pay homage to the showgirl.

Paolo and Sonia remember Raffaella Carrà

Paolo Bonolis although he was hardly active on his Instagram profile yesterday he wanted to share a post for remember Raffaela Carrà. The conductor shared a video on his social networks in which he sings and dances “I don’t live without you“Together with the showgirl.

A light moment, fun and full of sunshine, the same that has always distinguished Raffaella Carrà; in this way Bonolis wanted remember it. In the caption of his video, the conductor wanted to write:

“You came and went with the Sun, the same sun that has illuminated your entire career. do good trip Raffaella“.

Simple words, but full of meaning and esteem. In addition to Bonolis, also his wife Sonia Bruganelli he wanted to remember and to greet for the last time Raffaella. The woman chose to do so by re-sharing her husband’s video and simply inserting two emojis, one of a waving hand, and one of a red heart.

Paolo Bonolis: sweet phrases for Raffaella Carrà

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