Paolo Fox horoscope predictions for today, July 19th

Paolo Fox horoscope predictions for today, July 19th

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Paolo Fox horoscope predictions for today, July 19th

In this new week what will the stars reserve for us? Let’s find out with Paolo Fox’s horoscope of today 19 July 2021 with the forecasts of all the zodiac signs. Aries: The great start of the week. Taurus: Difficult time for feelings. Gemini: Take advantage of these days to plan the week. Cancer: face the week with energy and determination. Leo: Be very careful this beginning of the week.

A new week begins, what news will come from the stars today, Monday July 19, 2021, for the signs of the zodiac? What will be the signs that they will meet the favors of the stars?

Let’s find out together! With predictions freely drawn by the famous astrologer Paolo Fox: here are the news of today.

Aries Horoscope Monday 19 July 2021

Great start of the week, which will last up to half. You have accumulated a lot lately fatigue, you have set yourself very high goals, so, the horoscope recommends: rest, you will recover power and you will carry on yours projects ambitious more easily.

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Horoscope Taurus Monday, July 19, 2021

Continue on negative moment in love, you are going through a period difficult it’s full of tensions. You have probably accumulated too much fatigue or something at work there makes you nervous!The horoscope advises: Caution, from mid-week you will notice some improvement; in the meantime try to remain calm and reasonable!