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Paolo Fox horoscope week (6-12 September 2021): all the signs

Paolo Fox horoscope of the week 6-12 September 2021

What is my Paolo Fox horoscope of the week (from 6 to 12 September 2021)? Many Italians ask themselves this question between Sunday and Monday. A way, for those who believe in the horoscope, to peek at their imminent future on different fronts: love, work, relationships with friends and relatives and so on. Are you curious about your weekly horoscope? Below are the forecasts of Paolo Fox for the week from 6 to 12 September 2021 found online.


Dear Aries, after the summer holidays, you have all eyes on you and you cannot afford to make mistakes. You have so many open projects and things to work on, but doing everything together is never good. Better to prioritize yourself if you don’t want to get confused. In love, possible mid-week quarrels with the partner.


Dear Taurus, according to Paolo Fox’s horoscope of the week, you can get something important from an ambitious project you are working on. At the weekend try to unplug and rest. Maximum attention in love especially on Thursdays, the partner will doubt you for something he has discovered. Do you have a straw tail?


Dear Gemini, according to the weekly horoscope, the sentimental relationship is going through a phase of crisis, also because the distance and the limitations for the pandemic have made your routine flat. Organize something romantic to make up for lost time and ground. At work you can complete an ambitious project.



Dear Cancers, a week awaits you in which you will be decidedly subdued. But on the other hand, if you feel tired it is only your fault, because you did not stop literally for a moment. If you have to make meaningful decisions, don’t be rushed and take your time. Fortunately, the Moon is back in favor.


Dear Leo, according to Paolo Fox’s horoscope of the week (6-12 September 2021), these will be decisive days from a working point of view. Jupiter and Neptune will accompany you and help you in difficult choices. In love there have been important news, and you can continue on the path taken.


Dear Virgo, according to the weekly horoscope, you can impress a person you like and with whom you may never have had the courage to declare yourself. Or maybe this is a person you previously thought was just a friend. At work a lot of stress and commitment between Thursday and Friday.


Dear Libra, in the next few days you will have to face squabbles and conflicts with a person you like very much, especially on the weekend. A rather unpleasant situation that will make you sad. You have to learn to put pride aside and admit your mistakes. There is no shortage of ideas at work, but it’s time to put them into practice.


Dear Scorpio, according to Paolo Fox’s horoscope of the week, there will be no lack of family problems, especially on Tuesday. Bad news could put you in a bad mood. In short, act with caution these days. In love, however, it will be a wonderful week, so do not be discouraged.


Dear Sagittarius, according to the weekly horoscope, everything will be fine in love. If you have a solid and stable couple, then, you have nothing to fear. A person who you considered to be a mere friendship will turn out to be something very special. Open your heart to yourself and to others. Few news on work.


Dear Capricorn, get ready for some very special days for the future, especially at the beginning of the week. An important opportunity will present itself before you, but you will be called to make a decision that will change your life. In love it is the moment of reckoning: are you really convinced that you want to move forward with your partner?


Dear Aquarius, according to Paolo Fox’s horoscope of the week, in the coming days there will be big news to be grasped, do not be caught unprepared. At work, your life can finally change course. Over the weekend, Jupiter could lead you to some quarrels.


Dear Pisces, according to the weekly horoscope, get ready for a positive week: on the weekend you might meet a special person who could even turn into your soul mate. At work, on the other hand, you have to deal with negative news: strive to improve over time.

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