Pardubice can come close to winning in the regular season, Jágra awaits a birthday duel

Pardubice can come close to winning in the regular season, Jágra awaits a birthday duel

Pardubice can get closer to winning in the basic part, J&aacute

Illustration photo – Hockey player Jaromír Jágr from Kladno.

Prague – Pardubice hockey players can take another step towards winning the President's Cup and dominating the basic part of the competition in Wednesday's 46th round of the Tipsport extra league. With seven rounds to go, Dynamo has a 15-point lead over Vítkovice and will play on the ice of České Budějovice, which the East Bohemians have beaten three times this season. Vítkovice will welcome Olomouc. A special match awaits Jaromír Jágr, whose Kladno will face Mladá Boleslav on the 51st birthday of the owner of the Knights.

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Pardubice can get closer to a win in the first half, Jagra awaits a birthday duel

Pardubice can get closer to winning in the main part, Jagra awaits ; birthday duel

Pardubice can approach game in the basic part, Jaagra is waiting for a birthday duel

Pardubice can get closer to winning in the main part, Jagra waits ; birthday duel

Pardubice lost to Sparta on the ice before the national team break, thus ending their nine-game winning streak, but they will again be unequivocal favorites in the south of Bohemia. In three matches against each other, they conceded only four goals and scored 14 of them themselves.

“We are already looking forward to finally having a match and not having to train in quotes. He will get back into the rhythm of the season,” said striker Patrik Poulíček in a recording for the media. “Not one of the matches against Český Budějovice was easy, even though it may look that way according to the results. It will be the same on Wednesday, we have a tough match ahead of us and we are preparing for it one hundred percent,” added the Dynamo captain.

Motor lost three times in a row, and at the end of the regular season, they will mainly fight to avoid dropping to the last place and not having to play a playoff. Currently, České Budějovice are four points ahead of Kladno in fourteenth place. Attacker Filip Přikryl believes that the team will be able to move up and advance to the playoffs. everything and we are aware of it. I hope that the fans will drive us and we will give it back to them. We have seven games to get into the top 12,” Přikryl said on the club's website.

Vítkovice ended a series of four defeats and won in Mladá Boleslav before the international break, now they want to succeed against Olomouc. They beat Hanáky twice in the season and scored points in all three duels. “We have a derby ahead of us and, moreover, a match after the break, which is always full of expectations. I believe the boys are looking forward to it. We are playing at home, we want to please our fans and get back to rejoicing with us after the match,” said coach Miloš Calf. He is also happy that the team is complete after a long time.

Olomouc is seventh, but still believes that it can return to the elite four and advance directly to the quarterfinals. If Hanák fails to do so, they want to stay in eighth place and start the preliminary round of the playoffs at home. “Vítkovice have a lot of individuality, they play well overall. They have four lines that are balanced, and at the same time players who decide matches. They are also very good in power plays. For me, they are definitely one of the strongest teams in the competition,” said coach Jan Tomajko.< /p>

In addition to Pardubice and Vítkovice, Sparta, which will present itself in Karlovy Vary, has a theoretical chance of first place in the regular season. Third-placed Prague lose 17 points to Dynamo, but they have played one game less. Sparta won ten of the last 11 matches and in the middle of November in the west of Bohemia, under the leadership of the old coach Miloslav Hořava, they set out for better results. Since then, it has been the most successful team in the competition.

“It seems unbelievable, as if Miloš was a magician. When he was coming, we preferred not to talk much about direct promotion to the playoffs. It was just a wish. Now we are third and we are attacking the second position. Direct progress to the quarterfinals is now a clear goal,” said sports director Petr Ton.

Before the break, however, Energia also did well, winning four out of five matches and succeeding at home four times in a row. The West Bohemians also believe in Sparta. “We were in a difficult situation when we were close to the last place. We currently have a pretty good points cushion on the last place, ten points ahead of the preliminary round of the playoffs. We have the last seven games of the regular season ahead of us. We hope that we will be in those improved performances continue and we'll make it to the playoffs,” coach David Bruk said.

A special match awaits the playing owner of Kladno Jágr on Wednesday, against Mladá Boleslav on his 51st birthday. Rather than celebrating, however, the star forward is thinking about the team's results and the Knights' move from last place in the table. Kladno won only two of the last nine matches, but always at home. On the other hand, Mladá Boleslav is not doing well away from home, losing ten times in a row at opponents' rinks. In the last two cases in overtime.

Hradec Králové and Třinec hockey players started the final period of the regular season with a match against each other already on Monday. After the win over Ocelarí, Mountfield moved closer to fourth place by one point, and now Litvínov awaits them at home. Třinec will visit Liberec, which is sixth and four points behind its next opponent. The White Tigers also hope for a direct advance to the quarterfinals.

“There are enough games left, we have fate in our hands and a quality team to play it ourselves. We have a bad series behind us, we talked a lot about it during the international break. The team is quality, it's time to show character. We will go all out.” said the Třinec attacker Daniel Voženílek.

In the last match on Wednesday, Brno will face Pilsen, the eighth and tenth teams of the competition, who are separated by five points in the table. “We have a busy schedule ahead of us, matches every day, and some traveling. For us, every match will be like a playoff. There will definitely be more matches, there will be more personal battles. Everyone wants to prepare as best as possible for the main phase of the season, which decides it , whether it was successful or not. The following matches will be tough,” said Kometa defender Radek Kučerík.

Statistical data before Wednesday's matches of the 46th round of the Hockey Tipsport Extra League:

HC Motor České Budějovice (13th) – HC Dynamo Pardubice (1st).

Start of the match: 17:30.

Mutual matches this season: 1:6, 2:4, 1:4.

Most productive players: Lukáš Pech 45 games/42 points (8 goals + 34 assists) – Lukáš Radil 42/35 (11+ 24).

Goalkeeper statistics: Jan Strmeň average 2.40 goals conceded per game, save success rate 92.02 percent and one clean sheet, Dominik Hrachovina 2.89, 89.95 and two clean sheets – Roman Will 2.04, 92.73 and kept a clean sheet four times, Dominik Frodl 1.37, 94.61 and kept a clean sheet three times, Milan Klouček 2.00 and 89.47.

Interesting facts:

– České Budějovice they lost three times in a row and won only one point.

– After two wins in a row at home, Motor last lost to Hradec Králové 2:3.

– Pardubice, after a series of nine victories in the last match before the national team break, lost to Sparta 2:4 on ice.

– Dynamo ended a series of seven wins away from home with a defeat at Sparta.

– Pardubice won four of the last five mutual matches.

– Defender David Musil and forward Matej Paulovič from Pardubice will start serving two-match disciplinary penalties from the duel with Sparta. Musil is suspended for a foul on Finnish striker Olavi Vauhkonen, and Paulovič is suspended for a tackle on forward Vladimír Sobotka.

– Latvian forward Martinš Dzierkals from Motor can play his 100th match in the Czech extraliga.

– Forward Jakub Strnad from České Budějovice will celebrate his 31st birthday on Wednesday, and Pardubice forward Tomáš Vondráček will turn 32 on the same day.


HC Energie Karlovy Vary (9th) – HC Sparta Prague (3rd).

Start of the match: 17:30.

Head-to-head matches this season: 5:4 in overtime, 1:5, 3:6.

Most productive players: Tomáš Rachůnek 44/29 (6+23) – Roman Burner 44/32 (12+20).

Goalkeeper statistics: Vladislav Habal 2.39, 91.19 and one clean sheet, Štěpán Lukeš 3.04, 90.07 and two clean sheets, Petr Hamalčík 4.50 and 85.00 – Jakub Kovář 2.18, 91 .54 and six clean sheets, Josef Kořenář 2.13, 90.57 and two clean sheets.

Interesting facts:

– Karlovy Vary won four of the last five matches.< /p>

– Energy won four times in a row at home and did not lose a single point.

– Sparta scored eleven times in a row and won ten of them.

– The Prague team scored five times in a row away from home and won four of them.

– Sparta scored nineteen times in a row in mutual duels and lost only three of them.

– Defender David Němeček will serve a one-match disciplinary suspension penalty for a foul on striker Tomáš Hyka from Pardubice.

HC Vítkovice Ridera (2nd) – HC Olomouc (7th).

Start of the match: 17:30.

Inter-matches this season: 4:5 after sam. raids, 3:0, 4:2.

The most productive players: Roberts Bukarts 45/43 (21+22) – Jan Káňa 37/30 (11+19).

Goalkeeper statistics: Aleš Stezka 2.18, 92.24 and kept five clean sheets, Lukáš Klimeš 2.38 and 91.72 – Jan Lukáš 2.28, 92.39 and five clean sheets, Branislav Konrád 2.48, 90.35 and three clean sheets.

Interesting things:< /p>

– After a series of four defeats, Vítkovice won 3:2 in Mladá Boleslav before the international break.

– Ostrava lost four times in a row at home and gained only one point.

– After a streak of three losses, Olomouc defeated České Budějovice 3:2 at home.

– Hanáci lost five of the past six duels away.

– Vítkovice won four of the last five matches.


– Striker Dominik Lakatoš can return to the Vítkovic lineup after serving a one-game suspension for inciting a fight against defender David Němeček from Sparta.

– Defender Tomáš Dujsík from Olomouc can play his 400th match in the extra league.

– Striker Josef Krejsa from Vítkovice will celebrate his 20th birthday on Tuesday.

Mountfield Hradec Králové (5th) – HC Verva Litvínov (12th).

Start of the match: 17:30.

Head-to-head matches this season: 2:3 , 3:0, 3:2 in overtime.

Most productive players: Jakub Lev 45/34 (15+19) – Giorgio Estephan 43/32 (12+20).

Goalkeeping statistics: Henri Kiviaho 2.00, 91.78 and five clean sheets – Šimon Zajíček 2.67, 91.18 and one clean sheet, Denis Godla 3.08 and 90.70, Matej Tomek 1.83, 92.70 and kept two clean sheets.

Interesting points:

– Hradec Králové, after a series of four defeats, scored six times in a row.

– Mountfield won four times in a row at home and did not drop a single point.

– Litvínov lost four of the last five matches and won only three points.

– Verva has lost three times in a row away from home without a point gain.

– Hradec Králové has won thirteen of the last fifteen matches between each other and only once in that time has come away with no points.


– Canadian striker Giorgio Estpehan from Litvínov can play his 100th game in the Czech Extraliga.

HC Kometa Brno (10th) – HC Škoda Plzeň (8th).

Start of the match: 18:00.

Intermatches in this season: 4:3 in extra time, 3:1, 2:5.

Most productive players: Petr Holík 45/40 (11+29) – Petr Kodýtek 44/34 (15+19).

Goalkeeper statistics: Dominik Furch 2.46, 91.90 and four clean sheets, Marek Čiliak 3.36, 89.95 and one clean sheet – Miroslav Svoboda 2.59, 92.05 and kept a clean sheet twice, Dominik Pavlát 2.46, 91.71 and kept a clean sheet twice.

Interesting facts:

– After a series of four wins, Kometa last lost 0:1 in Hradec Králové.

– The Brno team won three times in a row at home and did not lose a single point.

– Plzeň has lost four of the past five duels and won only two points.

– Škoda has lost three times in a row without a point gain.

– Kometa after a series of three wins in each other last match lost 2:5 in Pilsen.

Rytíři Kladno (14th) – BK Mladá Boleslav (11th).

< p>Start of the match: 18:00.

Head-to-head matches this season: 0:4, 1:2 in overtime, 2:1.

Most productive players: Tomáš Plekanec 45/41 (13+28) – Róbert Lantoši 40/24 (7+17).

Goalkeeping statistics: Adam Brízgala 3.14, 90.38 and once kept a clean sheet, Landon Bow 3.51 and 88, 79 – Filip Novotný 2.24, 92.11 and kept a clean sheet four times, Gašper Krošelj 2.35 and 91.78.

Interesting facts:

– Kladno lost seven of the last nine matches.

– The Knights have won two of the past three duels at home.

– Mladá Boleslav lost four times in a row and gained only two points.

– Skating club lost ten times in a row away from home, four of which were in the set.

– Kladno scored in five from the last six mutual matches and won four times.

– Playing owner of the Knights, Jaromír Jágr, will celebrate his 51st birthday on Wednesday.

– Striker Sebastián Malát from Mladá Boleslav celebrates his 21st birthday today.

White Tigers Liberec (6th) – HC Steelers Třinec (4th).

Match start: 18:00 (CET sport).

Head-to-head matches this season: 4:3 in overtime, 1:4, 3:6.

Most productive players: Adam Najman 45/34 (9+25) – Marko Daňo 44/43 (24+19).

Goalkeeper statistics: Petr Kváča 2.15, 92.47 and kept once clean sheet, Jakub Neužil 3.29, 89.58 and kept a clean sheet once, Daniel Král 3.84 and 85.45 – Marek Mazanec 2.03, 92.21 and kept a clean sheet three times, Ondřej Kacetl 2.17 and 91 ,00.

Interesting facts:

– Liberec won three of the last four matches.

– The White Tigers won four times in a row at home and lost only one point.


– Třinec has lost seven of the past nine matches.

– The Steelers have won seven of the last nine duels at home.

– Třinec has won six of the last nine mutual matches.


– Canadian Liberec defender T.J. Melancon from Liberec and Slovak defender Martin Marinčin from Třinec can both play their 100th game in the Czech Extraliga.

– Defender Jan Štibingr from Liberec will celebrate his 23rd birthday on Wednesday.