Parliament  Parliament decides on the dismissal of VTV’s Yli-Viikari – Live broadcast in progress

Parliament Parliament decides on the dismissal of VTV’s Yli-Viikari – Live broadcast in progress

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Parliament  Parliament decides on the dismissal of VTV’s Yli-Viikari – Live broadcast in progress

On Tuesday, the Chancellery Committee proposed that VTV’s Director General Tytti Yli-Viikari be fired. Parliament will consider the proposal at the sitting beginning at 10 am

Parliament will consider the Director General of the National Audit Office (VTV) at its plenary session starting at 10 am on Wednesday Tytti Yli-Viikarin termination.

Chancellery Committee presented on Tuesdaythat Yli-Viikari is dismissed.

If no motion is tabled at the sitting, it shall be adopted without a vote. If a counter-proposal is made, the matter will be put to the vote on Friday.

According to HS data, there is widespread support in Parliament for the dismissal of Yli-Viikari.

Performance on VTV the dismissal of the Director General is historic, as Parliament has not previously had to intervene in a similar way in the actions of the top management of an independent agency.

“According to the Chancellery Committee, confidence in Tytti Yli-Viikari’s preconditions and ability to serve as the Director General of the State Audit Office has, as a whole, collapsed as a result of her activities,” said the Speaker of Parliament Anu Vehviläinen (central) press conference.

According to the Chancellery Committee, Yli-Viikari’s motion for dismissal was based on an overall assessment based on, among other things, the report of the Parliamentary Audit Committee and Yli-Viikari’s hearings.

Yli-Viikari himself considers, the Chancellery did not provide clear legal grounds for his dismissal in his opinion.

Use of VTV’s money and inspection activities have been widely featured in the public recently.

Parliamentary the audit committee thoroughly mapped the ambiguities in the spring.

Chairman of the Committee Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto (Green) reiterated the conclusions of the committee’s report at Wednesday’s sitting.

“The CEO’s actions have significantly undermined confidence in the appropriateness of VTV’s own financial management and the effectiveness of internal control, as well as damaging the agency’s public image,” he said.

The committee drew attention, among other things, to the shortcomings identified in the Director-General’s travel invoices and to the fact that additional clarifications had to be repeatedly requested. It considered this exceptional.

The committee also pointed out, for example, the high travel costs compared to Yli-Viikari’s predecessor. It criticized the fact that the approval of travel invoices has been the task of Yli-Viikari.

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At its session, Parliament will also discuss the committee’s report and the auditors’ audit report on the financial statements, management report and accounting of the State Audit Office for 2020.

Chancellery Committee already in April arrested Yli-Viikari from office for the duration of the preliminary investigation by the Central Criminal Police.

The investigation by the Central Criminal Police concerns an agreement according to which a VTV official was paid for two years without the obligation to be at work and without any ambiguities related to Yli-Viikari’s Finnair Plus airports.

Yli-Viikari has denied guilty of official crimes, and he has appealed his shelf to the administrative court.

The Audit Committee also drew attention to these issues, among others.

It did not find out about the use of the flight points, as Yli-Viikari did not want to tell about it. He has justified this on the grounds that the account information is private.

In its report, the committee stated that it deplored Yli-Viikari’s activities in this matter and “undermined the transparency and credibility of the audit agency’s own activities”.