Parma, Serie A and more: Maresca in search of beauty

Parma, Serie A and more: Maresca in search of beauty

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Parma, Serie A and more: Maresca in search of beauty

The new coach: “We need to make our idea understood immediately”. We go into retreat with a double mission: promotion and entertainment

We leave by bus at 9 in the morning and go towards the future. Which, in this specific case, should also coincide with the past, that is with the return of Parma to Serie A. Twenty-nine called up for the withdrawal of Castelrotto (Bolzano), of which 20 foreigners and 9 Italians, renewed technical staff, lunar ideas for a team that is preparing to experience a Serie B championship: positional football, offensive pressing, interchange of roles, algorithms applied to the ball in the hope that a tuft of grass does not derail the project. There is a lot of curiosity around the Parma that is born. Starting with the coach Enzo Maresca who lands in Italy after a year of university in Manchester, a favorite pupil of Professor Guardiola. And then, of course, the other highlight of the program is Gigi Buffon: the legend returns home, Superman takes back the past and, with uncommon courage, at 43 he gets back into the game to conquer another slice of glory that , beautiful as the moon, she would never stop chasing her and her mirage makes you forget even your identity card.


The aim is to achieve results, therefore to Serie A, through beauty. This is a dogma of Maresca’s speech, approved by President Kyle Krause. On the other hand, an American entrepreneur who has the archistar Renzo Piano design the headquarters of his company (the building of the Krause company in Des Moines, Iowa) cannot be insensitive to aesthetics and, in the football field, cannot be satisfied with a robbery cock and then all in defense. The work is aimed at the search for beauty which, in turn, must produce profit. To achieve the goal, which is far from obvious because the B is a swamp in which even the best champions have been bogged down, Maresca relies on Buffon as leader of the group, on Franco Vazquez as a thinking mind and guide in the middle of the field, and the freshness of the two Romanians Dennis Man and Valentin Mihaila who impressed well in the second part of last season. Kurtic, although called up, is not with the group: he should be sold shortly, like Yann Karamoh. Roberto Inglese remained in Collecchio: he must finish the healing process after the thousand physical problems that penalized him in the past. He is working like crazy to be ready for the second part of the retreat. Meanwhile, the managers, who are discussing to place the redundant players (among these are Sepe, Laurini, Grassi, Sprocati and Pezzella), are probing the market in search of alternatives: Gennaro Tutino (Naples) is a hot name.


Maresca’s first words as soon as he arrived in retreat: “More than excited, I’m happy to start and get to know the guys day after day. There is great enthusiasm and a great desire to start. The location is very beautiful, now we will also know the conditions of the field: there are all the conditions to start in the right way. There is a lot of work to do, we are happy to leave. It will be a preparation for understanding: the focus will be above all on trying to explain and make our idea understood. First of all we want to get to know the guys well which is the most important thing. Then, day after day, we will see improvements that I am sure there will be ”. Four friendly matches are scheduled: Saturday 17th against a local team, Wednesday 21st against Bochum, Saturday 24th against the newly promoted Trento and, finally, in Collecchio, Friday 30th against Giana.

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