Participation in elections in municipalities with dissolved councils is between 15 and 50 percent

Participation in elections in municipalities with dissolved councils is between 15 and 50 percent

Participation in elections in municipalities with dissolved councils is between 15 and 50 pct

Elections to the council of Bílčice in Bruntál Region, March 25, 2023.

Prague – Voter turnout in 33 municipalities where people are choosing new councils today, was significantly different this morning. This follows from the findings of ČTK reporters. In the village of Horní Myslová in Jihlavska, where there are 64 eligible voters, around 50 percent of people cast their ballots before 11:00 a.m. In Bílčice in the Bruntál Region, where the elections are being repeated due to the tragic death of the former mayor and the leader of the candidate last year, the turnout is around 20 percent. In Babice u Rosice in Brno, participation was around 15 percent. People can choose new representatives until 22:00 today, after which the results will be published on the election website.

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People are electing new councils where it has disintegrated since last September's elections. These elections are one of the largest outside the regular autumn term.

In Bohdanč in the Kutnohorsk region, a third of the voters have so far come to the polls. There is also interest in the elections in the village of Charvatce in Mladoboleslavsk. “So far, 80 out of 270 people have voted,” a member of the commission told ČTK. Ujkovice reports a quarter of the participation in Mladoboleslavsk.

In Přestavlky in Olomouc, 32 percent of voters cast their ballots approximately 3.5 hours after the opening of polling stations. They have a total of 216 on the electoral roll. “There is interest, people come all the time,” said a member of the electoral commission. In Horní Nětčice in the Přerovsk region, a total of 19 percent of voters cast their ballots at 10:30 a.m. “Out of 187 voters, a total of 34 people have voted so far, they keep coming,” said a member of the commission.

In Senince in the Vsetín region, about 30 percent of the 252 voters cast their ballots. around 28 percent of the total number of 194 voters.

In Radimovice in Liberecka, where people choose from the candidates of two groups, 70 voters came from the morning, which is roughly 35 percent, a member of the election commission told ČTK. There is also interest in elections in three municipalities in the Ústí Region. In Býčkovice in Litoměřick, a total of 98 people out of 280 voters cast their ballots by 10:40.

In Hojanovice in Pelhřimovsk, 28 out of 80 eligible voters registered in the morning. In the regular elections in the fall, the turnout was 91.14 percent. In the village of Lhánice in the Třebíč region, 16 out of 128 eligible voters went to the polls in the morning. Members of the election commissions told ČTK.

28 out of 174 eligible voters came to the polls in the first part of the morning in the village of Borovany in Písecko. “It's nice that we'll be here until ten. The turnout here is always around 70 percent,” committee chairwoman Lenka Slámová told ČTK. a quarter of voters. “The elections are without problems so far,” Kamila Bílá, recorder of the election commission, told ČTK. There are 272 voters in the village and they choose the new council from four female candidates.