Party in Olivos: Tamara Pettinato appeared in court and asked to be dismissed

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Party in Olivos: Tamara Pettinato appeared in court and asked to be dismissed

This Friday the spontaneous first presentation of one of the people investigated in the case about the visits to the Quinta de Olivos. Tamara Pettinato presented before the federal court a brief of 22 pages, which you accessed Clarion, asking to be dismissed and explained that as a journalist she was exempted from circulating. He clarified that he did not participate in any celebration and that he maintained an off the record with President Alberto Fernández.

In the second extension of the complaint, Young Republicans argued that there was another admission of more than 50 people to the Olivos farm that would have failed to comply with the regulations that governed then and prohibited the movement of people, with the exception of those considered as personal essential. In that extensive list, journalist Tamara Pettinato was included.

With the representation of the lawyer Martín Magram, he appeared spontaneously before Judge Sebastián Casanello and Prosecutor Ramiro González to make his defense. In 22 pages he stated: “I come to make this discharge in writing and to provide proof that will prove the absence of any criminal commission in what was my admission to the Olivos Presidential House on June 14, 2020.”

Expanding on his arguments, Pettinato indicated that “any action denounced as causing a possible violation of the norms issued by the National Executive Power (DNU 297/20 and concordant) was absolutely foreign to me for the reasons of fact and law that in this brief they are manifested ”.

The prosecutor Ramiro González asked two days ago that the Government provide the information that emerges from the database of the Cuidar application that had to be processed to obtain a circulation permit. In this way, it seeks to know if the people who entered the Quinta de Olivos, and if it corresponds to be granted authorization to circulate.

“It will be possible to verify that my presence in the presidential residence has obeyed strict labor issues, and no illicit conduct can be corroborated, as I will have to reveal,” said Tamara Pettinato in the letter.

In addition, he attached all the certificates of authorizations granted that allowed him to circulate, and indicated that he maintained an off the record with President Fernández, “to talk about the pandemic, about government measures, for the programs for which he is working.” They explained from their surroundings.

So far there are no defendants in the file, because the prosecutor in charge of the investigation you want to determine if there was a violation of the imposed regulations at that time, more specifically the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) that President Alberto Fernández that prevented any type of social gathering, especially in a closed place, that prohibited night-time circulation, that forced businesses to keep their doors closed. The only mobility exception was for those who were considered essential personnel.

In case of judicially determining something that the president has already admitted -that they did something that was not due- the prosecutor González will advance in the determination of the responsibilities: on the one hand, of those who have article 205 regarding the violation of the DNU quarantine, and secondly Article 248, which sanctions the “actions of the official who does not execute the laws whose compliance is incumbent upon him.” The prosecution will give priority to this last point.

The prosecution has already asked the Ministry of Public Innovation -which depends on the Headquarters of the Cabinet- to provide the information contained in the database of the Cuidar application, to find out if those attending the celebration had processed a circulation permit.

Then, it will be sought to specify who intervened to allow that group of people to circulate, what authorities made it possible and who authorized the entrance to the Quinta of the guests to the party, what was declared at the time of requesting the entrance authorization, among other aspects . That is why he asked the Government for specifications, which are still awaiting justice despite the fact that they were required more than ten days ago.

When that scenario is clarified, that is, when it is possible to establish “the chain of responsibilities “, Prosecutor González will advance with the possible accusations of the list of people under investigation, among whom are President Alberto Fernández and Fabiola Yañez.

The dates that are closely watched are July 14 – Fabiola’s birthday – and April 2, when the President’s birthday, and according to the documents, there are also entries to the presidential fifth. Another date that is being investigated is December 30, when more than 50 leaders and deputies of the ruling party gave a toast in Olivos. Meetings with that number of people were not yet enabled.

Tuesday is the last instance for Casa Militar to deliver all the required documentation before Tuesday.

With the file open, the defense attorneys’ strategies will now begin to play out. The first to make it public was Mauricio D’Alessandro, who represents Stefanía Domínguez, the young woman appointed by the Government as responsible for the filtering of the images of the July 14 celebration. The lawyer will request the unconstitutionality of the DNU that governed prohibiting the movement of people such as social encounters.